April 1st, 2011. Day +21   3 comments

Charlotte woke up about 10 this morning and she was pretty happy.  She had a small poopy diaper in the middle of the night and right when we were changing her, she vomited again.  She was still sleepy so she went back to sleep quickly after we got her cleaned up.  She weighed 15.1kg today so no huge worry there yet.  In rounds they discussed moving some of her IV medications to oral doses.  I think they may be starting some of those tomorrow.  They also got the radiologist report on her chest x-ray.  It said her lungs showed signs of viral pneumonia.  The doctors didn’t seem to dwell on that too much and moved on.

Her WBC count was down to 1.0 today and her neutrophils dropped to 380.  The doctors all say this is pretty normal and is nothing to worry about.  We know after our first four rounds that numbers can still bounce around so we are trying not to be too concerned.  Her hemoglobin stayed the same and she got a good bump from her platelets yesterday so the doctors are ok with that.  They stopped her morphine basil this morning and she made it a few hours before she had tummy pain again.  After that we increased her back to 0.2 and she has been doing better.  She had a good bath today and ended up throwing up in the tub too.  So she is still a little bothered by what we think is the weaning off of the TPN.  I think it was lowered to 14 hours today and the plan is to lower it to 12 hours tomorrow (which would be the lowest they will go now, and likely what we will go home on) and hopefully she will get used to it soon.

CJ has also developed a rash around some of her body that looks petechial and now another different rash in her diaper area.  The wound nurse started us using a different lotion on her diaper area yesterday so we stopped that and hope it gets better.  The doctors didn’t seem too worried about them either.

The attending physician and fellow stopped in before lunch and didn’t enter the room wearing a gown, mask and gloves (standard staff attire for isolation rooms).  Amy noticed right away and asked if that meant we had received her last of the hexaplex (viral swab) tests, and they said that they all came back negative!  So more good news!  Isolation is now over and she doesn’t have a viral infection!  Amy asked about the x-ray and both of the doctors dismissed it saying the radiologist had too much time on his hands and was just looking for something to find…nobody has heard anything in her lungs during the half dozen times a day they listen to her, and she has had no problems with her pulse/ox readings so they were not concerned at all.  The doctor said that if she continues to improve like this that they would be ok sending us home sometime next week!

Dr DeSantes stopped by this afternoon and also said Charlotte looks very good.  He was quite smiley and very sweet with her.  He looked at her petechial rash and didn’t worry about it.  He was happy with how she was doing and also said that if she continues this trend that he expects us to be out of here towards the end of next week!  Amy and I love to hear the “home” talk but worry about how much we still have to do to our house to get it ready for CJ to come back to a clean and healthy home.  So we will be spending a little time there this weekend and next week getting the rest of our to-do list done!

She had a pretty good day playing and having fun.  She colored, played with toys, watched some TV, played nicely during PT time, and was pretty much cute all day.  She did have a few moments of tummy pain but once we got that morphine going again she seemed more content.  She was able to leave the room and get in some hall time!  She played kickball and just had a good time walking around!  Tonight she watched Shrek and wanted some water and potato chips.  She had about half a single serving container of Pringles sour cream and onion chips!  It was maybe 5 or 6 chips but she happily ate them!


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  1. Sounds like a few rough patches today but what a way to end the day…with talk of going home in the near future!!! So happy for you guys! Gpa E. must have made a big wish today and you know with all the people he knows, down here & up there, “somebody’s makin’ darn sure” that wish comes true! Yep, yep, you bet. 🙂 Love you guys!

  2. What wonderful news!!!! Every morning I read your blog and then forward it to the ladies in my bible study. Everyone is so enamoured with Charlotte and your whole family. What an example you are to all of us. I’ve cried over many of your messages, BUT today it was a happy cry. Praise The Lord!!!! You are truely an awesome family. Glad you got to talk to my friend Deb…. 🙂
    Blessings and even more Blessings to ALL OF YOU

    sharon schulteis
  3. So happy to hear that there’s talk of you guys going home in the near future! How wonderful! 🙂

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