March 26th, 2011. Day +15   4 comments

Charlotte slept until 1pm again today and woke up happy.  She was ready to watch some TV and hang out in the recliner.  Her rash seemed a little better today, not quite as bright red around her face, the swelling around her eyes decreased, and some of the body rash on her legs went away for a little while.  The attending physician stopped by while Charlotte was up and was pretty pleased with how she looked.  The Dr also thought her rash was a little better. Today CJ was up to 16.0 kg, so up another pound, but the Dr didn’t seem that worried about it yet so we will try not to as well.

We hung out in the room, playing with the iPad and coloring books.  She said she wanted to go walk the hall, but by the time another patient went back into his room (only one patient allowed in the hall at a time), she had lost interest.  So we kept playing and watching TV.  She took another long bath, probably over an hour, and didn’t want to get out.  Her rash sort of came back after that, but that is pretty common for hers to come and go and change appearance throughout the day.  She got her PICC line dressing changed today and Mommy and I cleaned the room and tidied up some of her toys and things.  We got a couple of loads of wash done, and just had a nice time in the room.

Molly in the kitchen watching Grandma cook!

Her WBC count was at 0.4 today, and she had a platelet transfusion before she even woke up.  Her diaper area is continuing to improve and we hope she starts making some good numbers of white cells so she can start healing her mucositis and then get to feeling better.  She didn’t mention any owies today or have any moments of obvious pain.  So we are hoping she is on the mend a little bit.

I realize that I haven’t been updating the blog with any information about Molly.  Both of our parents are watching Molly while Amy and I stay in the hospital with CJ.  My mom and dad have been watching her for the last few weeks and soon she will be spending some quality time with Amy’s parents.  I know they are looking forward to it, and I know my mom will miss her.  She has been growing like a huge Elske weed.  She is up to almost 16lbs and is already in 6-9 month/9month clothes.  She is just like me-she loves to eat!!  She is still waking up once or twice during most nights so she is keeping the Grandmas on their toes!  Amy and I are still able to see her at least once a week so we can spend some time with her.  Amy’s parents have been watching Broadway since last fall.  We don’t get to see him as much, but we know that he is very happy with Grandpa W and his big yard to run around in!

We are so thankful for their help and know that between AFCH, and our parents, our little ones are in the best of hands!

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  1. Sleep helps the body to heal.Lets hope this is a week of more progress fpr Charlotte and less worry for All. Gosh can you believe how big Miss Molly is already but she is 4 months old and how fast time flies. Love Aunt Mary

  2. Sounds like a nice quiet day for all of you. Well week 2 is over and hopefully that was the roughest one you’ll see. That was a tough one. Praying for some good white cell counts and a better week 3. Good to read a Molly update…I read the blog to Lyle and we both laughed out loud at the “growing like a huge Elske weed” part. Both of your girls are growing healthier every day! 🙂

  3. My prayers continue throughout each day and sometimes in the nights, too, that the Lord will strengthen you and fill you with courage and hope. Even though my heart is full of things I’d like to share with you, words fail me. May God be with you and wrap you all in a comforter of His peace and love.
    Patsy Roe

  4. You are all amazing. Our family (Ehrke’s and Peacheys) think of you daily! Prayers continue for you and Charlotte. I know my nephew Avery is looking forward to a playdate with Charlotte again.
    Friday night I babysat for him and we watched the videos of Charlotte. He giggled watching her play with the ball in the hallway. He said with a smile, “Charlotte happy!”
    You are an inspiration and Charlotte is the true meaning of strength!
    With love,
    Roxy Ehrke

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