March 25th, 2011. Day +14   3 comments

This morning in rounds we did agree to lower Charlotte’s morphine basil to 0.6 from 0.8 to improve her eye itching.  She slept until 1pm, but woke up with some stomach pain.  It was just like before we started the morphine.  She was just crying and said “Tummy hurt”.  So a few doctors came to take a look at her and they ordered an X-ray.  Since she had not pooped since Wed, everyone assumed that was the problem.  We asked her if she needed to go and she insisted she did not.  Amy convinced the doctors to increase the basil level again.  Within 10 minutes she was unhooked (because the nurse had to change out her IV tubes) and playing outside in the hall.  She tried the old soccer run and kick game, but she was a bit slower than usual.  Still, it was very exciting to see her happy and so energetic.  She tuckered out pretty quickly, but was happy to stay in the hall and watch Amy and I play under her direction.  She also wanted Amy to go back in her room to get a puzzle so we could hide the pieces in the hall like we had done in the previous rounds.  She had a good time doing that too.  While we were in the hall, the resident came back and said that her x-ray looked good.  One load off our minds. 🙂

When we were done playing she came back in the room and watched some TV.  We were able to get her into a bath late this afternoon and she seemed happy to do it.  She played and had a little fun then after about half an hour she cried pretty hard and loud.  She ended up having a poop and was not happy about it.  We cleaned her up and she was getting tired and sleepy.  The nurse had just given her a new medicine (nubain) to make her eyes feel better and it can cause drowsiness.  Minutes later we were changing her biopsy bandages and noticed she had another very watery poop.  This is usually not a very good sign.  Watery stools can be evidence of GVHD of the gut, something we obviously do not want to see now.  It could still be mucositis or a result of TPN and buckets of fluids every minute of the day.  We will just have to monitor future diapers and see how often it happens.

Her WBC was again at 0.3.  She did not get any platelet or blood transfusions today.  Most likely tomorrow she will need platelets again.  Her vital signs looked good all day, and had no high temperatures.  Her rash is a bit better today and she is a little less irritated by her itching eyes.  We hope she sleeps well and she has no more signs of the watery stools, or that the doctors don’t get worried that much.

Here is a little bit of her playing soccer this afternoon…

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3 responses to “March 25th, 2011. Day +14

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  1. What a beautiful video! Charlotte is amazing, and her parents are wonderful people.

  2. Charlotte is such a trooper!!

  3. Charlotte you are such a strong little girl. You keep playing soccer and show them how to kick this disease. We are praying for you all the time. Love you and 2 thumbs up.


    Grandma and Grandpa Wags

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