March 17th, 2011. Day +6   4 comments

Though she had a fever the entire night, Charlotte slept right through like a champ.  She only awoke for the occasional diaper change or vital check, but quickly went back to sleep.  Amy and I got up at about

Charlotte playing half an hour after waking up with a fever.

9am and she was still sleeping soundly.  We had taken her temperature at that time and she was still at about 101.5 so we let her sleep and figured she would wake up when she was ready.  At about 11, the nurse came to get vitals.  CJ was still asleep, but her temperature had risen to 103.9.  So we figured it was time to wake her up to get some tylenol in her.  We gave her another hour and woke her up to have the nurse get her weight.  She was 14.2kg today, her admission weight was 14.4 so she is doing pretty well.  She was sleepy for a little while, but then perked up nicely.

The doctors think everything is going according to schedule.  They thought her chest x-ray looked pretty good, and nothing has come back from the cultures they took last night.  Her WBC was at 0.2 today, her platelets went down to 10k, so her transfusion was almost complete by the time she woke up, and her hemoglobin was 10.3.  She received another dose of Methotrexate today.  If she shows no signs of VOD (a life-threatening liver complication) and her mucositis stays under control, she should receive her last dose on Tuesday.  After that we should be able to watch for signs of engraftment!  The doctors were also very encouraged by her overwhelming desire to play today, even with her higher temperatures.

Amy and I had thought we would try to have Charotte stay awake most of the day to get her back on a more regular schedule.  She surprised us by playing the entire afternoon, right through a nap, and on into her bath early in the evening which she enjoyed.    Her high temperatures continued throughout the day, but she never once acted like she was feverish.  Again, we are crediting the morphine.  She was happy and playful and even played in her room with the volunteer alone for half an hour this afternoon.

It’s only 10 seconds, but I wanted to share this video with you because it shows how cute her little faces are…She was just unhooked from her tubies for her bath, and Amy just got her PICC line wrapped up.  But Charlotte wanted to play in the closet.  She actually decided to smile for Mommy so she grabbed the camera and pressed the button.  But I was farting around with the settings and left it on video, not picture mode.  We were going to delete it entirely because Amy didn’t mean to take it.  But after we watched it and saw her little face change expressions when Amy was talking, I figured I would share it with you.

She was really impressing her nurse today.  Tracy has been the nurse for many transplant kids and Amy and I spent a lot of time talking with her this

Here's that picture Mommy tried to take.

morning on whether we should let CJ sleep or wake her up.  Tracy advised us to just let her sleep.  She had been through a lot already, and we thought her fevers would have caused her grief today so we all figured Charlotte would need the rest.  Wow were we all wrong!  She really was very happy and fun to be around!  At bedtime tonight her temperature was 99.5, the lowest it has been since last night yet she had a terrific day.  She only ate one PEZ candy until the end of the night when she then had half a fruit cup!  We are also being successful in giving her the three oral medications each day so we hope these little amounts are enough to keep her stomach working because it isn’t doing much now with the TPN.

Please continue your prayers for Alexis.  She and her wonderful parents have been through a lot recently.  We continue to hope and pray for a full and quick recovery for her!

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  1. Are those marker covers on her fingertips? I want to reach through the screen and squeeze her little legs! Such a trooper she is! You guys are doing a fantastic job with her, adults should take notes. Hope she likes her new blanket, if she starts tickling her nose with the silky and wears it out that would be just fine for me! My kids and grandkids all have silky bankies, and worn them out. I’ll have to make one for Molly. Looking foreward to seeing you all soon, love, Dawn.

  2. What an adorable little girl! The video captures her spirit so well, and the faces crack me up every time I watch it! Charlotte is going to continue to be the miracle girl. Sending lots of love and hugs, and hopes for the best day possible!

  3. What a doll she is!!! I am so happy to hear she is doing so well. I have recently had some not so good news in my family. The faith you have and the love you share set such a good example for all of us!!


  4. Everyday, Charlotte amazes more and more! Hugs and prayers from the Peachey’s.

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