March 16th, 2011. Day +5   4 comments

Enjoying some tubie-free time, hiding in the closet.

Charlotte woke up this morning about 10am.  And she was again happy.  She wasn’t interested in breakfast but was still happy to play.  She spent most of the morning playing with puzzles and toys and watchingher favorite programs on the TV.  She ate a little of her yogurt bites and even wanted a few sips of water.

She had a great bath again today.  She was probably in there for at least half an hour so her bottom got a good soaking.

Her numbers are still looking like they should.  Her WBC is 0.1, platelets are 22k and hemoglobin was 10.4.

Dr DeSantes stopped by and said all was going as planned.  She could start to feel bad any day now with her numbers remaining low, her mucositis getting worse, and fevers starting…so currently any day where she feels good should be considered a bonus.  She took a long nap from about 3:30-7pm and woke up and wanted to do more puzzles and iPad playing.


Tonight during her evening vitals the nurse took her temperature and it was 100.5.  CJ seemed quite happy and normal so we thought we would try it again an hour later in case it was wrong.  Amy and I kept feeling her head because she didn’t feel warm at all, and eventually we took it and it was 101.  So we called the nurse again and she took it and it was 101.2.  So at 10:15pm the normal transplant fever protocol took effect.  She had blood cultures drawn from her two PICC lumens, the X-ray machine was brought in to take a pic of her chest, and we had to access her port.  😦  It all took about an hour or so, ending with her hating the port being accessed, but it needed to be done so they could culture that too and run some antibiotics through it.  They also removed her from one of the antibiotics she was

getting her blood drawn for cultures at 10:25pm

on-Cefapime, and added two more to her cocktail-Zosyn and Tobramycin, as well as keeping her on Vancomycin.  We still can’t believe that she spiked, she seemed so content just hanging out and playing with us.  It was probably the constant low dose of morphine that she is on that kept her from acting feverish and needy.  We hate fevers, but the nurses all said that this is entirely normal for transplant patients to spike fevers around Day +5.  We are thankful for her recent weird schedule that kept us up this late tonight.  We would hate to go through all of this if we had to wake her up to do it…

Please continue to pray for Alexis and her family as she is still in the ICU, and now please add Nelson to your lists.  He is our neighbor and just had his transplant today.  Our hopes and prayers are for the best for both of them.

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  1. Good Morning. Glad all is doing as planned and Charlotte is sleeping well even if it is not her normal schedule, Getting up late and napping long should give Amy a little time for herself,at least I hope so. Another week behind you.Praying for all who need God;s healing .Auntie Mary

  2. Glad to see you all are doing well – Charlotte’s pictures are very cute. Praying for healing and good health for all.

  3. Yea for tubie-free time!!! Charlotte must have loved that! Sounds like a good day overall and the fever came right as planned on day +5. Charlotte’s body is right on track. We’re going to have a playdate with Gma E. and Molly today. It sure won’t be the same without you guys but we know Charlotte is exactly where she needs to be right now, getting healthier every day. 🙂

  4. Praying for Charlotte.. and her neighbors in the hospital… xoxo

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