March 13th, 2011. Day +2   15 comments

I just wanted to give everyone a quick update.

We ended up waking Charlotte up late this morning (about 10am) and she woke up quite happy.  She was excited to see that we ordered her french toast for breakfast and ate about 10 bites.  She then wanted to watch some more tv.  Amy and I needed to get her into the tub because the nurse had to change out all of her IV tubing so she would be completely disconnected for a little while.  When we were undressing her, we noticed that her rash seemed better today than it did yesterday morning.  It was still pretty noticeable on her head, but a little less red today.  The doctors came in right when we were getting her into the tub so they were able to take a look at her and they were very happy with how she looked.

They explained a little bit about the culture that grew last night.  They still don’t know what exactly it is, but so far they know that it is gram positive.  They reassured us that the antibiotic she is already on is very good for this bacteria.  They believe that if she would have been affected by the infected blood that she would have spiked a fever shortly after giving her the blood, or at least the next day.  So far, it is almost 6pm on Sunday and no fevers (knocking…).  I asked them if it was feasible to think that the bacteria might have been killed off while it was entering her bloodstream by the antibiotics that had been given her for two days.  They said that it could certainly happen that way.  So they were also not very worried at all.  They even said that if she were to spike a fever now, it would likely not be because of the infected transfusion.  They really think she is already past the time it would have shown up.  So we may have completely dodged a bullet here, because God gave us a false positive test on Wed so they started antibiotics.  Very strange how that guy works.

Charlotte has been very happy and playful almost all day.  She hasn’t eaten too much so we may still start TPN (IV nutrition) tonight or tomorrow, but she has not complained of any tummy pain since we got her on the morphine last night.  She has been napping for almost three hours now and we expect to see her happy again tonight.

I wanted to thank everyone for their supportive comments and prayers.  I may have been a bit upset when I wrote the last part of the blog last night.  I am hoping I can make today a “good day” blog.  More to come tonight.


She has stayed in a good mood all day.  She hasn’t eaten a whole lot though she snacked on a few cheerios and yogurt bites while watching Diego tonight.  It’s 10pm and her nurse just unhooked her tubies because she got them all tangled up while playing and moving about.  She was able to run around her room playing soccer with Amy and the nurse and me.  Now she decided she wants to have her spaghetti-o’s and hot dog that she refused from dinner.  I think we are going to have a tough time getting her to settle down for the night and that is a good thing.

Her CBC numbers are still heading in the right direction.  Her WBC is 0.2, her platelets are down to 31k, and hemoglobin is now 10.6.  She has been having constant wet, chunky coughs all day.  The nurses all say that this is extremely common as the mucositis sets in.  It is most likely caused by the sloughing off of dead cells within her mouth and throat.  The nurse took a look in her mouth and saw some mouth sores starting so we are glad we started with the morphine.  Tomorrow Dr DeSantes starts as the attending physician for the week.  He hasn’t seen her in a week so we really hope he is happy with her progress.

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15 responses to “March 13th, 2011. Day +2

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  1. Always remember, God has a plan. 🙂 Great to hear Charlotte is feeling good today!

  2. I keep hitting “refresh” on this blog…looks like that one did the trick =) I’m so glad to see this update! I’ve been so worried all day long. I heard the rumor that she was feeling pretty good today but I’m still glad to read it. God is working for you on this and has Charlotte under carefull watch…there is no doubt!!!

  3. This was a wonderful blog to read! I’ve been anxiously thinking about you guys all day–I’ve asked everyone I know to once again pray for Charlotte. I think you are right–God does work in funny ways sometimes. Whatever He wants–as long as he makes CJ all better!!

  4. Just wanted to tell you that church is praying hard for “our” little girl. She is on my mind throughout the day. But, I know that God is good–all of the time–he has a plan. Remember that while He was here among us, children were VERY special to him! Love to you all!

  5. Just wanted you to know that my inbox is full of emails saying that people (complete strangers) have been praying for Charlotte from my prayer request postings on the radio websites. He hears…He answers! We’re so thankful for the positive news.

  6. Two thumbs up from all of us here!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. He’s always looking out for each of us 🙂 No worries about your blog yesterday…I think we were all cursing for you as we read it! Glad to hear that today has been a “better” day.

  8. So thankful for the good news. Everybody needs to vent once in a while. We were all right there with you!

  9. Just couldn’t wait for the next blog, so called Grandma E and she gave me the good news! God certainly answers our prayers and will continue to do so. Lon, you have every right to “lose” it once in a while. I just don’t know how you and Amy do it. Charlotte could not have wished for two better parents. Hope our little Charlotte sleeps good tonight. Love always,

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  10. So glad to see His plan unfolding as He protects Charlotte and keeps her safe while her body is working hard to rebuild her immune system and restore her health.

  11. Yesterday was an amazing day for Charlotte, but what could we not expect from our amazing little girl. She just amazes me how fast she rebounds. God does answer prayers, not in the way we could like, but he knows best! Keep up the good work, Lon I think you’ve found a new calling, in writing the blog everyday, I’m sure it would amaze all of us if you knew how many people read it everyday. Prayers with all of you.

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy
  12. You say what ever you want to say and we will listen. We alll know how hard it is on the both of you but you guys are doing great. Good to hear Char. is over the bad part and now starting to show improvement each day.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  13. hugs… hugs… and more hugs…

    Cheryl Batterman
  14. It’s so good to hear Charlotte is having a better day and is able to play, even with everything she’s been through. Lon, the great job you’re doing on making the daily posts is really keeping everyone focused and pulling for our little Charlotte. The way you can express what Amy, you, and Charlotte are going through and feeling (good, bad, happy, sad, frustration) makes everyone really connect with you. All of you are doing a terrific job – keep it up and stay strong. Love to all of you!
    Aunt Cyndee & Uncle Earl

  15. Lon and Amy, I was so relieved to heaqr that CJ was without a fever today! Fantastic news. We are all effected by her story in so many different ways, you have to know that we are all concerned for her and will do anything possible to make her well. I can’t wait to see her again. Would it be too much to ask for a photo of her smiling soon? That would make my day! Take Care, Dawn B

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