March 8th, 2011. Day-3   5 comments

Charlotte had a rough night.  She tried sleeping at 11, but by now she was over tired.  So she spent the next three hours sleeping for 10-15 minutes, then wanting to get back down on the floor and go potty.  This went on for a couple of hours.  We ended up with Amy and CJ spending most of the night in the recliner.  But we all slept until about 9 this morning.

She ate a pretty decent breakfast and was ready to go back into the hall and play soccer and basketball.

Amy left for home to visit with her mom and Molly.  Grandma E got to come to the hospital and play with Charlotte for the day.  Charlotte was certainly happy to see her!  She showed Grandma her iPad and lots of her new toys.  Then she got a little bored and went in the hall and played soccer with her for a little while.

Her sleeping timeline may still have been off a little bit as she had only about an hour nap.  She was happy to be awake and wouldn’t lay down anymore.

Today she received another dose of cytoxan and she also started another medicine called ATG.  This is designed to kill off her T-Cells in preparation for the transplant.  The ATG ran over 6 hours and towards the end of it she started feeling the effects.  She got very tired and eventually wound up with a fever.  It is most likely a side effect of the ATG as her nurse said this will make her feel like she has the flu for a good 3 or 4 days.  They gave her some tylenol and drew blood for cultures but fortunately didn’t start any antibiotics yet.  This is probably going to be a little preview of what we will be seeing in the upcoming weeks so we are trying to get used to it.  It is now 9pm and CJ has been sleeping on Mommy’s lap for almost two hours.  She really doesn’t want to wake up and go lay in her bed.  Her fever has gone down from 101.2 to 99.6 over the last hour or so, but she is pretty miserable…

We are hoping she gets some much needed sleep.  The nurses have all agreed that this is a very common reaction to at least the first dose of ATG.  She could be feeling better by tomorrow morning.

Update…It’s now 10:20pm and she is back awake and happy.  Her fever must have just broken.  She woke up saying “Yogurt.  I like yogurt.”  So she had a little dixie cup of her yogurt bites.  She is talking and being really cute.  Mommy is going through the week of mail and Charlotte is pointing to everything she is holding and saying “What’s dis one?  What’s dis one?  How bout watch this movie?”

So she is now watching Monsters Inc.  And talking our ear off.  And now I just put in Lion King.  She is cute.

Thanks for all of your prayers.

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5 responses to “March 8th, 2011. Day-3

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  1. Our prayers for our sweet little Charlotte – soon these bad days will be over and she will be back to the happy healthy little girl that she was. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks. Love to all of you…..

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  2. Sounds like she’s on a bit of a roller coaster already. I’m glad to hear the day ended with her feeling better.

  3. Even through the rough days Charlotte is only down for a few hours…amazing…it shows you how strong and resilient she really is. I hope you all got some good rest last night and today is a good day! Keep up the great work Charlotte, mommy, daddy and grandmas!

  4. Pictures, such a beautiful capture of your life right now, and how Charlotte is triumphing even with the chemo. Loved to hear Charlotte’s conversations, and hear about her inquisitiveness. She is definitely “cute.”

  5. Prayers all around from the Peachey’s. You all will get through this. Keep your chins up and enjoy your little precious girl. Hugs.

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