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Tonight is a hard post to write.  This marks the end of our little vacation in our own semi-regular lives.  Tomorrow we say “Good-bye” to our dear little Molly for the better part of two months.  Tomorrow we leave the comfort of our Columbus house to head to the protection of the 4th floor at AFCH.

We know Molly will be in good hands.  The very best.  And we cannot thank our parents enough for taking her in while Amy and I concentrate on making Charlotte whole again.  We love you Moms and Dads.  We couldn’t have made it this far without your love and support.

We know that we have done the best we could have with Charlotte over the last 5 weeks.  We have tried to keep her healthy.  We have tried to keep her happy.  She still doesn’t know anything is wrong with her.  She still doesn’t know that this isn’t how two year olds grow up.  For her, a part hospital/part home life has been the norm for 6 months.  And we are so proud of her for being so happy no matter where she happens to be.  She really gives us hope that we are doing the right thing.


We hope to arrive tomorrow by noon.  We will find our room in the little secluded transplant hallway and move our stuff in.  Charlotte won’t start chemo until Wed so hopefully tomorrow will just be a good chance for her to get reunited with the feel of the hospital room without all the bustle that is likely to follow in the next couple of months.  Starting tomorrow, we will all be under strict transplant rules.  Amy and I won’t be able to use the bathroom or shower in Charlotte’s room at all.  Neither of us will be able to eat anything in her room.  Charlotte will have to stay in her room for the large majority of the day.  She will be allowed to leave her room for one hour periods only three times a day.  Even when she is out of her room,  she will need to stay within the transplant hallway which is only about 50 feet long.  The play room and anything in it is off limits.  She used to spend hours playing with the little pieces of board games in the family room, but she won’t be able to now.  And once she becomes neutropenic, she won’t be allowed to leave her room until her ANC is above 500 for two consecutive days.  That could take weeks.  She won’t be allowed any food that is not prepared by the hospital kitchen or straight out of the single serve box/can.  This means she won’t have her beloved chicken wings for a long time.  Or her favorite Chinese chicken or McDonalds hamburger and fries.  Any toys we bring to the hospital must be either brand new or thoroughly washed and cleaned.  Amy spent a good couple of hours picking out CJ’s favorite toys and cleaning them today.

It is going to be a very different and difficult two months.  But we know Charlotte will be up to the challenge.  And Amy and I need to keep her comforted when she needs it, and entertained when she doesn’t.  We also need to keep each other strong and thinking positive.  She has done great.  She is doing great.  The odds are in her favor.  This will be her cure.

Please keep your prayers coming for Charlotte and her upcoming journey as well as for the continued recovery of Alexis.  She has had a long transplant.  She has fought hard and neither she nor her parents have ever given up.  Her family is an inspiration to Amy and me as we take our first steps into transplant.

Please also pray for Amy’s cousin, Alison.  She is continuing the wicked rounds of chemo of her own.  She needs continued prayers and positive vibes this week as she undergoes testing to confirm the chemo is doing its job of ridding her body of cancer.  She is one strong woman and we are so proud of her!

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  1. Faith Lutheran Church is praying for your family and your dear Charlotte. You have been through a lot and so are prepared for the next few months. Keep up the positive thoughts.

    Love and hugs, Ma Kaland

  2. I knew this post would be hard to read…so through the tears I will try to type. Tomorrow will be a tough day, no doubt, as you say goodbye to Molly but hello to Charlotte’s future. A future I have always seen since her diagnosis. Amy knows that God has shown me many signs along the way. He has a plan for this amazing little girl! Try to take each day one at a time and remember how great Charlotte has done already. She’s got an awesome track record! Sending all of our love, strength, courage and hope to you tonight and always.

  3. God will help you through this, just one day at a time. Know that we’re there with you evey day in thought and prayer. Soon this horrid journey will be done and you’ll be home living a normal life with your precious two little girls.

  4. We continue to pray for Charlotte and your entire family. We know you need to look forward to the happy times you will have with your two wonderful girls. You truly are an inspirational family.
    God Bless you all through your newest journey.

    Jim & Bunny Gitter
  5. Charlotte is an amazing little girl and you guys are equally amazing parents. You’ve all come so far, just a “little” more to go! Praying for all of you!

  6. Thinking of all of you! You’ve done a remarkable job so far and know you’ll astound us with the strength and love you demonstrate as you travel thru this next step. Thoughts and prayers with you thru the next few months.

  7. I want to thank you for all of your posts, Lon. I know it can’t be easy at times to do that, especially this last one. You do have difficult times ahead, but God is watching over all of you, so stay strong. We are so very, very proud of Charlotte, and you, Amy, and little Molly. You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers as Charotte gets one day closer to her cure. Love to all of you.
    Aunt Cyndee and Uncle Earl

  8. Our family as well as alot of members of our Northbrook Church family are and have been
    praying for all of you. You have no idea how many lives darling lil Charlotte has touched that just our family knows let alone TONS and TONS of others.
    God has a plan for Charlotte and your family.. You are already teaching all of us to be strong and trust in HIM.
    Just KNOW we are “with” you in spirit. First thing every day we do is check your blog, Lon you are a wonderful communicator and I so appreciated you keeping us updated.
    Sweet Amy I’m sending hugs to you special lady you are.
    Much Love from all of us to all of you (Jean & Jerry that means you too. Sharon

    sharon schulteis
  9. Praying all the way…..

  10. The journey start now. Just stay strong for each other and Charlotte. She is strong and showing all of us what a brave little girl she is. thanks for the grandparenets’s who can be there for Molly. All of you need a round of applauses.
    God Bless you all.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  11. Amy and Lon, you are the absolute best parents any child could’ve asked for and we are so proud of you. We read your posts daily and we are cheering all the way. I know posting can be tough but it helps getting it off your chest so please keep posting.


  12. Lots of prayers, love and positive thoughts of encouragement coming your way for Charlotte’s transplant. Such a beautiful family, and great pictures capturing the moments around home! Keep tight, keep strong and know we are all here for you, any time of the night or day.

    Sending prayers for Alison and for Alexis as they too are on this awful cancer journey, and fighting their way back to health.

    We love you!

  13. you and your family have done a trememdous job pooling together for the life of this bright little girl. and she’s worth every bit of worry, concern, prayers, and such. i’m praying so hard for her little heart and soul to accept all that is being done for her. she’s one tough little cookie. i know you’re thankful for that and for God’s never ending love for all of His children. there’s so many reasons to be thankful for but for now all of our concerns and prayers will be going towards her recovery…all my love and unending prayers, deb

  14. praying every day!

  15. Lon, Amy and Charlotte….all three of you are strong and determined!!:) And I am so sure Molly will be completely spoiled while you focused on CJ. We will continue praying for you as you start this next step.

    Dana, Kim, Alexis and Isaac

  16. We are praying for you all, as well as Amy’s cousin Alison and Alexis. Remember your mantra… this will be her cure.
    The Van Buren’s

    Stacy, Dan, Emily, Danielle & Kayleigh
  17. You will all be in my prayers. Know that you have many, many people and prayers to support you.

  18. Your family continues to be in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing that you are able to stay strong and positive through this next step. We will be sending extra positive healnig vibes your way in the next few weeks.

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