February 23rd, 2011   6 comments

So far so good.  Charlotte is still doing well at home.  She hasn’t showed any more signs of being sick so we are pretty happy about that right now.  Molly has developed an eye infection likely caused by a plugged tear duct and Mommy was right on it, contacting the doctor, getting some antibiotics and that has already gotten better.  And she has told Charlotte not to get too close to her head or touch her eye area so we are all being careful.  But Charlotte is having fun at home.  Nothing else has changed with her.  She is still active and feisty.  She is driving Mommy crazy being cooped up in the house all day.  She fails to listen to Mommy and Daddy’s requests some of the time, just like any other two year old would do.  She throws her food when she is done eating and sometimes when she is not done with it, just like any other two year old would do.  She also does really cute stuff, like saying “I love you too Mommy”, just like any two year would do.

Amy and I are just trying our best to deal with the huge range of emotions that we have.  We love the fact that she seems better.  We hate the fact that, without any further treatment, she is very likely to not stay that way.  We love the fact that a bone marrow transplant could very well be her final treatment and cure.  But we hate that we need to make her so sick in the process and are very worried about the large risks associated with it.  And we love the fact that her transplant admission date is finally coming up, less than a week now, but hate that her transplant admission date is less than a week now…

So Amy and I argue a lot.  We cry a lot.  We spend a lot of time trying to support each other and remind each other that Charlotte needs us to be strong.  Her attitude hasn’t let us down and we need to be there for her.  We try to only concentrate on the positive aspects of the transplant, but there are too many side effects and risks to not worry about bad things happening.  It’s going to be a tough yet rewarding journey.

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  1. Everyday you get through, as tough as they are and will be, is one more day closer to Charlotte’s cure. Stay strong and positive – you’re doing the right thing. Charlotte is truly an inspiration (as are the two of you)! Much love to all of you…
    Aunt Cyndee and Uncle Earl

  2. Hang in there. You all have been through so much already. The light is at the end of the tunnel. Hugs and prayers.

  3. Charlotte is amazing, you two are amazing, and little blessing Molly is amazing. Hats off to you two for admitting your feelings, for sharing with us all just how horrible this is to go thru, especially while enjoying Charlotte’s health right now. Keep praying, keep loving and keep supporting one another. Sending all our love from Nebraska, Sis & friends

  4. It is a scary situation that is about to take place but you both have had alot of ups and downs the past 6 months and it is so normal to have all these emotions. The unknown is always difficult. But you all have been amazing . My thoughts and prays continue each and everyday. Hugs and Love to all of you AUNT MARY

  5. We continue to pray for your family as you enter this part of the journey.

  6. I can totally sympathize with your feelings of anxiety. Thoughts and prayers are with you all constantly. Just remember that God is in control of everything. He’ll guide the doctor’s hands and the marrow transplant and give you and Amy the needed strength to deal with it all. I liked to think of our little Malakai literally lying in large & protective God’s HANDS. Maybe that thought will be comforting to you, too, and bring you some peace of mind.

    Phyllis Kaesermann

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