February 21st, 2011   8 comments

Sorry for the late post.

Things are still going well at home.  Amy and I have both noticed either an extreme reduction in our cold symptoms or a complete absence of them.  We know we are on the mend.  So far Charlotte has stayed healthy through it all as well!  She hasn’t had much of a cough in the morning since Sunday-and even then, that was all she was showing.  Any sign of cold or discomfort was early in the morning and the rest of the day nothing would bother her.  She still has more energy than either Amy or I and she is using it well by keeping us moving around the house.  She likes to chase us and have us chase her.  She is still eating pretty good and over the past week Amy has gotten her to start drinking milk again.  She used to just love her milk and drank several cups a day.  During the last round of chemo she started drinking water and really didn’t want her milk too much.  So this is another good sign that she is feeling like a normal kid!

We are getting very nervous as the transplant is now a week away.  We both wish we could fast forward two or three months and not have to live through what is coming up.  But we know it is an important step in CJ’s fight against this deadly disease and we are willing to take as many of those steps as we can.

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8 responses to “February 21st, 2011

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  1. All I can say is that I love you all and prayers are constantly coming your way.

  2. One step at a time is all you can do. Hearing about Charlotte’s normal times at home is absolutely heartwarming! She energizes and motivates so many people. Keep up the great job as parents, and we’ll all keep up the prayers. Love you guys

  3. Many, many prayers are being sent. Charlotte has proven to us all that she is a fighter……the transplant might slow her down, but all the prayers and love and her amazing strength will see her through…..especially with the amazing, loving parents she has behind her every step of the way. Keep strong Lon and Amy! As always, anything you need, just ask. Love Tom & Deb

  4. Everything will be ok. Patience Mom & dad prayers are being said all over the world. It will be ok

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  5. Sometimes when I really don’t want to go through something, I try to get into the “bring it on and get past it” mode. That’s where you guys are now. Get past this next horrendous hurdle. Better days are in the future!!!

  6. Great to hear your colds are going away, the chase game is in full force (an Elske favorite) and Charlotte is drinking her milk again! All good signs that you are getting healthy and strong for this next step in the journey. We are all here for you, praying for Charlotte, feeling your nervousness but believing that this little girl will beat & increase those AML statistics. Look how far she’s come! She is simply amazing!

  7. Take one day at a time, live, laugh, love and enjoy every moment of today and try not to worry about the future too much. Charlotte is such an inspiration to so many people and she has come so very far. She is so lucky to have such special parents and loving family to love and support her. Our prayers are coming your way and we send our love.

    Joan and Bob

  8. Big, BIG hugs from all your NESCO friends!

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