February 19th, 2011   1 comment

Starting yesterday morning, Charlotte started showing signs of having caught our cold.  She wakes up and coughs a few times in the first few hours during the day.  She sounds pretty congested but is soon done with the coughs and is on with her day.  She has not had a fever, and she doesn’t sneeze and her nose is not runny.  Otherwise she is fine in every other way.  She continues to have tons of energy and doesn’t stop playing and running around.

Amy and I are still feeling the effects of the cold.  We are still coughing a little bit throughout the day and we have drippy noses (you wanted to know that didn’t you?).  So we are still trying to wear masks around the house whenever possible.

Amy emailed Dr Diamond as Dr DeSantes-the head of the transplant team-is out of the office for a few days.  We mainly wanted to know if there is anything we can do to prevent Charlotte from getting this and wonder how it will affect her transplant. Dr Diamond just said it is very likely viral, and there is nothing that can be done to treat it besides fluid and rest.  She does think that it shouldn’t be bad for transplant unless she is experiencing frequent symptoms a week from now.  If that is the case then Dr DeSantes may order a viral swab and delay the transplant.  We are praying this passes very quickly and she is not ill for long.  I don’t think we can mentally process another delay.  We also want her to just stay healthy and strong before she gets admitted.

G&G Wags came over today to watch Charlotte while Amy and I went shopping and took Molly to have her 3 month pictures done.  They brought Broadway over and we were so happy to see him!  They said they had a great time with Charlotte, and I know she loved spending time with them.

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  1. I know that you are concerned however you guys are EXCELLENT parents and I am sure things will work out just perfect, even if that is hard to see right now. Hang in there and keep doing what you are doing:)

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