February 17th, 2011   6 comments

The long break between chemo rounds has allowed CJ’s hair to start growing back (see picture on the right).  She will certainly lose it again during transplant, but it is cute to see her with a little peach fuzz.  She did not have her first haircut before she was diagnosed and now Amy thinks that she and Molly might both have their first haircuts at the same time in the future.

She has been great every day this week.  She is happy, healthy, energetic and full of life.  Again, this makes us pretty sad because we know what is coming up in another week.  But her laugh and smiles make it easy to come back to the present and make us thankful for what we have now.

Unfortunately Amy and I both have been experiencing cold symptoms over the last couple of days.  We both have sore throats and some nasal congestion.  We are trying to be careful around CJ, even though her numbers are probably high enough to handle any lesser infections.  But we are concerned because transplant is so close now and we need to keep her healthy.  Amy is even wearing a mask around the house all day!  She emailed Dr Diamond and she didn’t sound too concerned about it-probably because of her higher numbers.  We also wonder if this is what caused her fever on Sunday so maybe she has already been exposed to it.

She still loves her bath times though it gets to be quite a hassle to wrap and protect her PICC line.  We warn her that she needs to keep her arm dry and she is so good playing and having fun with only her right arm.  It looks awkward but she really has gotten used to it, as she has done with so many things over the last 6 months.  We are so proud of her.  She has impressed us since the first time we brought her in.  We really love the hell out of that little kid!



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  1. Great pics! Adorable girls!

  2. Such cute little girls! Charlotte is growing into such a beautiful pre-schooler 😉 Glad that home time is going so well, and we sure hope you and Amy get back to feeling good soon! Love & hugs from Nebraska

  3. Your girls are such little beauties!! CJ is such a good little trooper for all she’s going through! Hope you both start feeling better soon!

    Steven & Terry Licitar
  4. It’s always good to hear how well Charlotte continues to do. The pictures are great — two precious little girls sharing sisterly smiles! Hope you and Amy can fight off your colds and feel better soon. Love you guys!
    Aunt Cyndee & Uncle Earl

  5. I continue to pray for Charlotte and your family daily. Hoping that everything goes well. So proud of how well you are all doing. May God continue to bless your lovely family.

  6. The 2 little girls look so happy. You will all get thru this soon.
    Our prayers are with you.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski

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