February 14th, 2011-Complete remission!   17 comments

Today started out with Charlotte eating better and no fevers.  She had fun playing all day and really didn’t act like she was having any issues.

Dr Diamond called to check in on her.  She told us that her blood cultures were still negative, so that is all good.  She also mentioned that they received the official pathologist report on her bone marrow biopsy.  They found no evidence of leukemia in her system.  This means she is now in complete remission!!  We still have a transplant to make it through to keep it from coming back but she is healthy and happy so we think that should help.  We have our consent meeting tomorrow to discuss her pre-transplant test results so we hope that all goes well.

Happy V-day!

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17 responses to “February 14th, 2011-Complete remission!

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  1. Yeah! that is great news!!!

  2. What a great Valentine Day present for you all! Keeping you all in my prayers.

  3. Excellent news on an appropriate day – full of love and support! Keep up the great work Charlotte – this will soon be over!

  4. Fantastic News!!!!

  5. What wonderful news!!!
    Continuing to pray….

  6. Glorious news!!!! Go, Charlotte! ❤

  7. Yippie–do-da!!!! There is great joy @ NESCO today!

  8. Wonderful news!!! Now this is a Valentine’s Day you will surely remember! I hope the consent meeting goes well today, scary I’m sure, but I think I can speak for everyone and say we would all be doing the same thing for our little girl. Our prayers are being heard and answered!

  9. What great news. Keep up the good fight CJ!

  10. What wonderful, wonderful news about complete remission! Good luck with the meeting today!

  11. So happy to hear such great news!!

  12. Complete remission! What fantastic news! I think our prayers are working. Charlotte is a real trooper. She’s been through so much and still has more to go but we have confidence that she can do it. Good luck to all of you in the weeks to come. Thank God for her wonderful supportive family and friends. Sending you more love and more prayers,
    Jim and Judy

  13. This was great news. My thoughts and prayers continue for all good things to come. Auntie Mary

  14. What great news!! Keeping up the prayers for you all.

    Steven & Terry Licitar
  15. Great news!!! Way to go Charlotte. Hugs and prayers.

  16. What wonderful news! It couldn’t come at a better time. We’ll pray the remission will last a lifetime!!

    Phyllis Kaesermann
  17. Fabulous news!! We are still keeping Charlotte and you guys in our prayers!

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