February 11th, 2011   2 comments

Today was a great day at home.  Charlotte woke up while I was in the shower and just walked into our bedroom and told Mommy “All done sleeping”.  Amy told her that it was too early to be up

Charlotte took this picture of her "Bubba"

and Charlotte said “Watch TV little bit”.  Amy laid in bed with her and she quickly fell back asleep until 8.

We had our home care nurse come this morning and we were glad she did.  Last night while getting CJ into her pajamas we noticed that her line had been bleeding again during the day.  It wasn’t actively bleeding anymore, but there was enough there for us to want someone to take a look at it.  Our nurse did look at it and said that it was pretty normal for a line to do so once in a while and wanted to change the dressing.  So Mommy held Charlotte in her lap while the nurse quickly removed her dressing, cleaned the area, and redressed the line.  Charlotte wasn’t happy, but the nurse was quick and it was over with soon enough.  Good as new….for a little while anyway.

Overall, Amy was happy to have her come to the house, and we hope they only need to make their weekly visit for dressing changes now but they said we could call them with issues.  We hope we can keep it clean well enough to keep her safe over the next two weeks.

Grandpa W came over this morning to watch Molly while Amy and Charlotte were with the nurse.  And he brought Broadway for a visit too.  Charlotte and Amy were happy to see him.

During the morning, she found some purple rubber boots in her closet that were a couple sizes too large…she had lots of fun putting them on her feet and stomping around the house in them most of the day.  After her nap she hopped out of her bed, put the boots on herself, and walked out to see Mommy in the living room.  She was so proud of herself!  She is quickly becoming a regular two year old.

We now have a larger area to protect while she is in the tub, so Mommy taped up her arm pretty good for bathtime tonight.  I will have to get pictures of it next time.  This will probably be our most difficult task at home as Charlotte would take two or three baths a day if we let her.  She loves to spend time just splashing in the tub.  So we really need to keep her arm clean and dry during those times…

We received no more test results today, but we think we already have all of the preliminary outcomes so we weren’t expecting any.  We are hoping for a quiet, restful weekend and hope CJ can slow down just a little bit to let her arm heal better.

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  1. Great that she’s able to be an active 2 year old, now for her to continue as such. Here’s wishing the Elske’s a happy and healthy valentine year. We’re so proud of you and all that you have done. G’ma & G’pa E

  2. We wish you all a happy Valentine’s day. We continue to think of you and continue to pray for your entire family.

    Stacy Dan Emily Danielle Kayleigh

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