February 10th, 2011   7 comments

As expected, Charlotte wanted nothing to do with the CT scan dye late last night or early this morning.  She was able to taste the medicine in the water (I tried it, it was pretty rotten).  She demanded new sippy

her newly cleaned PICC line area waiting for the dressing

cups of water.  She was on to us and we surely tried to fool her.  So we all woke up early and headed back to the sedation clinic on first floor of AFCH.  She was sedated again first thing for her CT scans.  They did tell us that they were ok with her not getting the CT dye and went ahead with the scans anyway.  She came back from that pretty quick and the nurses went to work right away trying to get her PICC line dressing changed.  Charlotte didn’t have any pain medication for this sedation and I think that she was being bothered with the dressing being removed and the cleaning products they were using and she started waking up again.  They hurried as best as they could and got it all cleaned up and ready to go.  We are not looking forward to doing this at home every week (which is why we are having the home health care probably do it).

She recovered soon enough and had her monthly IV of pentamidine for an hour.  All went well and we were on our way up another floor for her EKG.  Again, she surprised us with how well she behaved.  She only cried for a couple of minutes, then settled down and that was all over with in about 25 minutes.  Another test down!

We then had another hour and a half to waste before her hearing test so we got walking.  Charlotte picked out another stuffed doggie at the gift shop and also wanted a balloon.  We headed to the UW hospital but didn’t go too far because we knew we would get lost in there if given the chance.  She was just having fun doing lots of walking, as we figured she would.

1pm finally came and we went in for her hearing test.  Of course, she surprised us again at how well she responded.  She kept her headphones on and did so well responding to the beeps and commands.  She was in that hearing test room for at least half an hour and they said she did great!

Her hearing test was normal.  Other than that we don’t know the results of any of the tests yet so we hope those all went well.

During our long afternoon walk, we ran into Charlotte’s favorite NA and she mentioned how she was going through some tough times herself right now.  We are thinking about you L.  We hope and pray for the best for you!  After that we saw the father of Alexis.  He told us why she was still in ICU and that the doctors are working hard and quickly to determine the causes of her fevers and seizures.  We are thinking about you constantly and know that you all will make it through this.  Our prayers will continue to be for all of you!



Update:  Good news!  We heard back from our NP Lisa.  The EKG and CT scan results were normal!!  Though the EKG technician guy said in his report that Charlotte was emotionally something-or-other and uncooperative.  Both Amy and I remember that this guy was the one that did Charlotte’s first EKG on Sept 11th when she was crying a lot and hated everything everyone was doing to her and had a hard time settling down during the test.  We know that today was many times better than that day…so we just think that this was just a dick move there EKG technician guy.  Dick move.

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  1. Oh gosh, it’s hard to see this picture of Charlotte…I can imagine it was 100x harder for mommy & daddy to see. Charlotte is so blessed to have you as her parents, always right there by her side. Well thank goodness the testing is over for this week and all the results are looking great. You did it Charlotte! And “boo” to the EKG technician…some people should NOT be in the healthcare profession!

  2. GREAT JOB CHARLOTTE!!! What a week this has been. Lon and Amy, you are such wonderful parents, as hard as this is on you both, you always put Charlotte and Molly first. Don’t ever feel bad about asking who will be doing the procedures and requesting someone different if you feel in any way uncertain or unsure, Charlotte deserves the best….and she’ll darn sure get it! Love and prayers always. Debbie

  3. Congratulations on getting through another round of tests and procedures. Re the technician – you have to wonder. Our youngest son has had several surgeries on his eyes and has had to have his eyes poked and prodded every 3 months since birth. One Dr.’s visit he was just not up for it all (about 2 years old) and cried and fussed and I finally said (after a long wait in the waiting room that we’d reschedule). At his next surgery we saw his folder and the Resident had said he was “hysterical” and I just said, yes, you must know him – he cracks us up every day! Why oh why do they put these things in writing. Prayers to you all.

  4. Wow! I ditto every word Aunt Jenny said!!

  5. Each day another tests out of the way. She a brave little girl and we are so proud of her , Mom & Dad & G”s & G”s

    With all of you there it has been a blessing.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  6. Aunt Jenny said it best… the photo was sombering and the technician a true dick.

  7. So glad to hear the test results were good. And, dad’s editorial (I’m pretty sure that wasn’t Amy typing) on the technician guy was hilarious! 😉 Hugs and prayers.

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