January 24th, 2011   7 comments

Woo hoo!!!  Charlotte continues to amaze us with how well she bounces back from her chemo rounds.  Today was lab day and her numbers were great…no transfusions were needed.  Her white cells and platelets are within normal limits, her hemoglobin is very close to normal (this was the one we were most worried about today) and she is no longer neutropenic.  We still have to be very careful to keep her away from illness, but this is all great news!

Charlotte was such a big girl today.  Amy informed Charlotte of the day’s agenda to “get blood taken” today.  Charlotte clarified that this meant a poke.  Within 30 minutes, she told Amy “Ready, Mommy.”  When Amy clarified what she meant, she stated “Go get poke.”  And she was agreeable to Amy putting on her “magic cream” and told Amy where to put it on her port.  She continues to make us so proud in how well she is accepting her new life.

Charlotte fell asleep on the way home from the clinic (for less than 10 minutes), but this was enough to cause her to fight her normal nap.  So we had a tired little girl tonight who went to bed the fastest we’ve seen in weeks 🙂

Now we wait for a phone call from the hospital letting us know the next step as we have no other appointments scheduled as of right now.  It’s so hard being patient 🙂

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7 responses to “January 24th, 2011

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  1. Goin to bed with a smile as wide as Nebraska this night! YOU GO GIRL – little CJ is such an amazing fighter!

  2. We are SO proud of you Charlotte! Great news today guys!

  3. Whoo Hoo and more what a trooper and positive little girl you have .How gratefull we all are for the good news and even and quieterr nite for you and Amy as Charlotte was all tucker out.Mary

  4. *Big SMILE* glad to hear things are going so well!

  5. Remember, good things come to those who wait. Love you all.

  6. Wow Charlotte, you were busy making all those cells. We are so happy. Grandpa is on his way tomorrow to spend the day with his “girlies”. Lots of hugs coming your way.

    Grandma “Walken”

    Grandma and Grandpa Wags
  7. So glad to hear the good news!! Hope today was another good day! Sending prayers your way.

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