January 21st, 2011-Home Again!   7 comments

Charlotte woke up happy again today and quickly got into one of her moods where she didn’t want anyone to bother her.  She didn’t like the resident checking her or listening to her.  She didn’t like the nurse assistant taking her vitals.  For the last three rounds this has meant she feels well enough to not want to be there anymore.  We knew her numbers must be still climbing.

She had 130 neutrophils and was also making some platelets.  And her monocyte count was now at 500.  So they told us in rounds that we should expect to go home today.  Charlotte was happy and we loaded up the van after I got back from work and were back in Columbus at 6:30!

It feels good to be home and we are hoping it is a nice relaxing weekend.  Charlotte has to go in Monday for a blood draw to make sure she is on the right track and won’t need a transfusion because her platelets or hemoglobin are too low but we don’t think they are too worried about that yet.

There may not be an update Saturday night as we will probably be pretty busy unpacking all of our stuff and just trying to enjoy a normal life for a little while again!

Thanks to everyone for keeping Charlotte in your prayers!

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7 responses to “January 21st, 2011-Home Again!

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  1. You deserve a break from your postings. Enjoy a normal week-end at home unpacking and enjoying those two little angels of yours.

    GO PACK!!!

    Ma Kaland

  2. Life for you is anything but routine. Home is wonderful for all of you . Quite with the Packers/Bears weekend I think not , in your own surroundings and your loved ones at your side enjoy what ever comes your way. Stay warm and cuddle all of you desire this break. Aunt Mary

  3. Yay for home! Enjoy your new but familiar surroundings and sleeping in your own beds. Love, hugs & prayers

  4. I’m so glad to hear that you’re home again! Have a lovely, peaceful and healthy weekend.

  5. So wonderful to see the lights on! Welcome home.

  6. Yea! So glad to hear Charlotte’s feeling good and you are able to go home! Relax if you can!

  7. Welcome home, Lon, Amy & girls!
    Glad to hear that you’ve made it, and hope you’ve had a good Saturday.
    The more I read the blog, the more I am inspired to count my blessings as you are counting yours!
    Love & Peace, Pastor Jim

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