January 18th, 2011   6 comments

It has been another couple of good days for Charlotte here.  She still seems to feel well for the most part.  She is still eating pretty nicely (but her daily weigh-ins show her as losing a little bit each day), and she is plenty active.  She has now had 0 neutrophils for over a week and you would never know it.  But today she did have a higher hemoglobin count than yesterday.  She also had some monocytes for the first time today, which can be a precursor to growing those much desired neutrophils…

We have spent a great deal of time over the last couple of days talking to a family going through transplant right now.  We hope and pray for the best for them.  They also have a wonderful family and have already lived through so much more than we have.  We pray that their little girl makes a fantastic recovery.

Molly has been just great these last few days.  She is sleeping better during the night.  We are even calling last night her first “sleep through”.  Amy put her down at midnight and then woke up at 6 am worried because she hadn’t heard from Molly all night.  So Amy may have actually woken her up this morning just making sure she was Ok-she may have slept longer than that!



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  1. Two such happy looking little girls. Molly is 2 months old today so maybe this is the turning point for her. It surely will make life somewhat easier as much is happening for all of you hope Charlotte continues to do well prays go out to you all including the families who also have become part of your hospital family. Aunt Mary

  2. What beautiful little girls! Love the cheesy smile from Charlotte as she’s holding her baby sister 🙂 Will pray for Charlotte’s continued journey back to health, and for those numbers to rise!!

  3. How nice to see the smiling faces on those two precious little girls! What great news that Molly is doing better. And, it just continues to amaze us how Charlotte stays so active through all of this – you go, Charlotte! Many prayers are with all of you for more good days ahead and for Charlotte’s continued improvement. Lots of love…
    Aunt Cyndee & Uncle Earl

  4. How wonderful to see 2 precious little girls happy. Keep on believing that all will be ok take each day one day at a time.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  5. What a cute picture of adorable little girls, big sister charlotte is so proud of her little sister. Great news on big sisters recovery …hopefully only goodnews from now on.

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy
  6. Wonderful news from the Elske family. Keep the faith! Hugs and Kisses.

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