January 15th, 2011   3 comments

The last two days have been pretty uneventful overall.  Friday Charlotte’s temperature never got any higher than 99.4F thank goodness.  It still made her a bit clingy though so Amy and Grandma E had their hands full with the two girls.  But fortunately the fevers have continued to stay away so far (knock on wood) and the culture has remained negative.  Today Charlotte felt pretty darn good, no high temperatures, and Dr. Diamond is hoping we can discontinue one of the antibiotics in the next day or so as long as the fevers do not return.  We were told that this particular antibiotic can be hard on the kidneys, thus in light of the upcoming transplant, we’d all like to get Charlotte off of this med to keep her as healthy as possible.  This will also allow her more tubie free time again as she will also require less fluids overall.  Charlotte also received more platelets today, but it looks like her numbers may be starting to rebound so we are keeping are fingers crossed that talk of discharge will be coming in the next 7-10 days.

In the past two weeks, Amy and I have also connected with three new families here.  Two are families of teenagers who just received AML diagnoses.  For the first time, we have found ourselves being the “experienced ones” trying to lend support, encouragement, and optimism.  We in turn are again grateful that we have a toddler that we can hug, hold, and play with to provide the support she needs through this process vs a teenager who is much more cognizant of what is happening to them.  The third family is of a 5 year old girl who just started her bone marrow transplant journey this week.  She too has a more rare leukemia and her family found it difficult to relate to other families about their situation.  Amy and her mother bonded in knowing that transplant now makes us all equals….it no longer matters the specific diagnosis.  We hope to continue to support one another as we support our little girls.

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  1. It is so heartwarming to hear that you are now helping others cope with what you have gane and are going through. You are a very strong family, and this will only help strengthenyour hope too. Just remember that you are not alone in this, as there are many behind you all the way. Love, hugs and hope from all of us out here. G’ma&G’pa E

  2. How wonderful that you can share what you and Amy are going thru. These new family’s will be so much prepare for what is going on. Glad the girls are doing better. And hope and pray all goes well these next few weeks.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  3. I continue to be amazed by all of you, your strength, positive attitude and faith. As I read your updates, I smile, frown, laugh and cry and smile again because of the abundance of love I see in your words and pictures.

    Praying for a full recovery.

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