January 11th, 2011   5 comments

Today was another good day.  Charlotte is not really acting like she is sick at all.  She is eating like she normally would and has tons of energy again today!  So far still no fevers.  Though over the last day her heart rate has gone up a little bit and her systolic numbers have been a bit high so they are just watching that for now.  We hope it doesn’t turn into anything serious.  They are now taking her temperature every four hours so we can catch the fever early if it happens, her other vitals are every eight.  She woke up very happy from her nap and wanted to hold Molly and asked for a picture to be taken.  Good thing the first one turned out OK because Charlotte wanted to just get rid of Molly and get to playing the second the picture was taken so there was no time for a reshoot.

Charlotte is now officially at 0 neutrophils, so the chemo is doing its job.  She should remain at the low end of the scale for many days yet before starting to climb back up.  But at least we know that things were headed in the right direction-which was down!  🙂

Molly has also been better today.  She was not quite as fussy in the evening hours tonight when she normally would be so this is very encouraging.  It is still late (10:55pm) but Amy and I are actually able to have a conversation while the kids are now asleep…the last few nights the only thing that has been said is me saying “Good Night” to her while she was feeding a still awake Molly somewhere between 11pm-1am….


A huge “Thank You” to Stacy and her family for putting on another spectacular benefit last night at the Beaver Dam Culver’s.  Lots and lots of people came to show their support for Charlotte, Haley and Jessica!  We are truly blessed to have so many people caring about Charlotte.  Keep saying those prayers, and Charlotte will do her best to keep the good news coming!

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  1. Love to hear the good news! Go Charlotte Go! The picture of both the girls and their nuks is SO adorable. That will be a cute one to show them when they’re older. Sending up prayers to recharge mommy & daddy before the meeting on Thursday. Things are really lining up nicely. Great news for a great family!

  2. I see Charlotte growing taller with the pictures. Thanks for the update. baby looks great.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  3. We haven’t met, but I learned of Charlotte’s story when a friend played her benefit at the High Noon in December. I couldn’t be there, but made a donation and have followed the blog ever since. I’m so grateful for you all that she’s been doing well with it and that you all have each other in love, hope and strength, even when it all gets difficult. My best to your family and especially CHarlotte.

  4. Your girls are so cute!!! Love the picture of the Charlotte holding Molly!!!

  5. What encouraging news! Little Charlotte is doing so well in her fight, and stays so strong. I agree with Joe & Sue, Charlotte is stretching out!

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