January 10th, 2011   5 comments

God saw/heard our fears last night and gave us positive news today.  🙂  Amy spoke briefly with the transplant doctor and was told that we definitely have a donor and have a tentative date scheduled for the transplant (but needs to be confirmed by the donor).  He did not have the date with him, so we don’t know the details, but we are thrilled to hear that things are still moving forward.  The other great news is that this particular donor is also a match in the other set of variables Dr DeSantes was talking with us about last month.  These are called the Natural Killer (NK) Cells and recent studies have shown that using a donor that was not only a perfect HLA type match, but also an NK match could increase the odds of curing her of AML.

He mentioned that there are 4 possible ratings for the NK cell match.  None, Standard, Better, and Best.  He said that the donor that is lined up is considered a “Better” match.  And if that is the case, this would be the first “Better” bone marrow transplant that would be done here.  All of the rest have been a Standard match or not a match.  So he was very smiley about this news.


In other news, we were able to increase Molly’s dose of acid reflux medicine and are anxiously waiting the results.  She was still a little moody tonight, but we hope that will get better soon.


Charlotte’s numbers continue to decline so that is also a good sign.  She is now at 30 neutophils and dropping.  The bottom should be coming up soon.  And so far, [knocking on wood] she has had no fevers.  Though we all know it is almost certain that she will spike soon, even Dr DeSantes said today that every day that goes by without spiking and needing antibiotics is a good day!


We have our first of two or three bone marrow transplant meetings on Thursday.  So hopefully we will know more about the process and have some of our questions answered.  I am thinking that when Thursday afternoon rolls around we will just be scared out of our minds.  Another thing we are concerned about is that we may not be able to have Molly with us while Charlotte is in transplant.  Dr Diamond said it would not be a problem at all, but she is not the transplant doctor.  We will find out more soon.  We also found out from the nurses that there will be several transplants going on in the next couple of months.  I hope they all go well.


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  1. GREAT NEWS!! I know that you all will beat this. The love and devotion you have for each other is unbelievable. Every one is supporting you and praying for a miracle. (Even people you don’t even know) Hi Grandma-see you in a couple weeks. Good things happen to good people!!!

  2. Great news, sounds like some of your prayers were answered! We continue to think of Charlotte and your family daily, sending prayers your way. We’ll send a bunch more to you guys on Thursday! I hope your meeting goes well.

  3. FABULOUS,you have been on a wild ride and even as your heart grows heavy with concern,Charlotte is your inspiration, a bubble of energy and excitement. I had another prayer chain at church Sunday for the Elske and the Foerster Family as you continue on this journey you did not ask for. Molly is precious as is your Princess.Thanks to all the family support both families are getting in this time of need. Love to all Aunt Mary

  4. God does indeed answer prayers. We are so excited to hear the information about the transplant, and the donor match. Hope you have some calm days today and tomorrow, so that you’re ready to absorb even more information on Thursday. Love & hugs

  5. Really happy to read that the match sounds like such a perfect one! Hope you are able to get all your questions answered AND absorb all the info they will throw at you Thursday! Praying for you all daily.

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