January 8th, 2011   7 comments

Amy and Molly fell asleep in the rocking chair about midnight and Amy laid her down in the crib at 1am when she was probably woken up by my snoring.  Molly slept until 5am then Amy fed her then they both went back to sleep until about 8-8:30.

We ended up waking Charlotte up at 9am today.  She had about 12 hours of sleep so we figured it was time.  She woke up happy to see Grandma W walk in the door with a chocolate muffin.  She proceeded to have a several bites of that for breakfast, then demanded Doritos.  So we gave her a bag of chips at 9:30am.  She ate the whole bag and then wanted macaroni and cheese!  So she had that for breakfast too!

Molly was pretty happy today.  She wasn’t perfect but we have had much worse days.  Amy called the Dr office to see if we could get her dosage upped a bit and the physician’s assistant (the only one there today) wouldn’t approve of it.  But we switched her back to the milk based formula since the soy didn’t make too much of a difference.  So hopefully we are done dinking around with her formulas and we can concentrate on getting her acid reflux under control.  She slept pretty good today, but it was mostly in our arms not her crib.  We are all thinking that she is better on the medicine, but now we need to see if the dosage is right for her or if she just needs to get used to it as it can take several days for her to improve.

Charlotte on the other hand really couldn’t have had a better day considering what she has been living through.  Her numbers came back this morning just as we expected.  Her neutrophils are down to 245, her white blood cell count is 0.7 .  Hemoglobin is down to 9.0, and platelets are at 37k.  Once again, it appears as though she is responding well to the treatment.  Regardless of her counts, she seemed to have endless energy and was in a great mood the entire day.  So much so that she didn’t want to nap for more than an hour.  She just woke up whispering “all done sleeping” louder and louder.  She then proceeded to start climbing out of bed to try to get us to listen to her-see the picture.  Charlotte ate doritos and macaroni and cheese at all times during the day, even requesting the latter at bedtime for a snack.  She even ate our Famous Daves barbeque (brisket, fries and corn) that I picked up tonight-see another picture.  She was happy all day, wanting to play in the play room, wanting to hang out in the family room, wanting to walk the halls and play hide and seek with the nurses.  She was very friendly with Molly tonight when they were both playing on the mat in her room-see yet another picture.  We really had a pretty damn good day considering we are still in the hospital.  I hope both of the girls get some good sleep in and have another good day tomorrow.


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  1. YAY for a good day all around & how yummy to see Famous Dave’s and Charlotte eating the corn on the cob!

  2. So great to hear it was a good day! That’s all we ever want to hear, one day at a time. Charlotte, Aunt Jenny likes Doritos too and it’s ok that they were in every meal today. The Frito Lay people have some good customers in us. 🙂 Hope the night went well. We missed you all last night. I will send the pictures soon!

  3. We missed you last night at our “White Elephant Christmas”. We know that NEXT year you will all be there and Charlotte can enjoy the chocolate fountain with her cousins Meridith and Julia. So happy to hear that Molly is doing better. Hope you can get her acid reflux med upped so she will feel so much better. Love to you all today……Hope the Packers win (Lon, just for you!)

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  4. Amy: Try putting a pillow under Molly’s mattress…at the head of the bed. It will prop the mattress up a little. Acid reflux can be worse when she lays down…hence she sleeps better when you are holding her. I also used one of those bears that you can turn on and has the sound of a heart beat playing. This might calm her too. Best baby gift I ever got! Good luck with everything!

  5. looking good now I want mac and cheese. Keep up the good work everyone.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  6. Hi Elskes.
    I wanted to write the other day when I got to see the video of Charlotte and Amy walking the halls, oh my gosh I was tired just watching it. Hope all goes well this week with both girls. It is so wonderful that the grandparents help you so much. They are great people. You are all in my prayers.

  7. Could it be the reason Molly sleeps so well in your arms is due to her sleeping more up-right? Reflux is worse when horizontal. Ask your nurse if this might help… 🙂

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