January 7th, 2011   2 comments

Today Charlotte was pretty darn good.  She had another good day eating and playing, but until this afternoon wasn’t nearly as mobile as yesterday.  She still wanted to be out of her room, just not too willing to do the walking.  G&G E came to visit today and Charlotte loved that!  She was a little clingy by the time I got back from work, and just wanted to be pushed in the stroller.  But Mommy had the great idea to take her out for a walk to the cafeteria one last time-we are pretty sure her neutrophils will be too low tomorrow to leave the floor.  Charlotte was very interested in that idea and after we came back and ate a little she wanted to be out in the halls playing.  I hate to be all lazy again, but here are a couple more videos of her and Mommy having fun in the hallway.

Again, sorry about just being lazy and uploading videos.  But sometimes pictures can say a thousand words and I figure these two videos are thirty frames a second so that should be about fifty six hundred little pictures so do the math and there is a lot of words in there somewhere!

All in all we couldn’t be more proud of the way she has been so far this week.  We do expect her numbers to continue to decline over the next week so we will probably be talking about a clingy little girl with a fever soon.  But until then, we can handle her running around chasing Mommy.

Molly started out by having a good day.  She had a pretty restful night, but we think her medicine wore off this morning too early and by noon she was very fussy and fidgety.  Then again later in the evening, she was her old normal unhappy self again.  Amy has a call out to the doctor to see if we can increase the dose a little bit as yesterday seemed too good to not attribute it to the medicine.

Don’t forget to try to attend the Beaver Dam Culver’s benefit on Monday night!


If you remember, yesterday I shared our favorite menu items but who can forget about their desserts?  Amy prefers a sundae with chocolate custard topped with their creamy peanut butter sauce.  I am more drawn to the blended frozen goodness that is the Blizzard/McFlurry/Concrete Mixer with Heath bits (seriously, is there any other acceptable flavor for this type of awesome treat?).  And neither of us are too sure what Charlotte’s deal is-she really doesn’t like ice cream at all…but she does like Culver’s chocolate chip cookies!

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  1. P.S. For Molly – Meds have probably changed a lot since Cayden was little. Our Doc said it can take up to a week to see really good results. Also, If you don’t think the med is working – there are others to try too 😉 Good luck – call me if you wanna talk about it. Glad Charlotte still has so much energy! She’s such a doll!!!

  2. It’s so great to see Charlotte with lots of energy! She looks so happy. Allie’s not a big fan of ice cream/custard either! She loves cookies, too, and she has started to like chocolate shakes. Funny little girls!

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