January 6th, 2011   10 comments

Today was Charlotte’s last dose of cytarabine so that meant she got another shot of chemo in her leg after the last dose.  Before they do the shot, they give CJ a little happy medicine so she won’t be so traumatized by the process.

Here is some video Amy took of Charlotte after her “happy medicine” kicked in (I hope this works):

Amy has also been playing doctor with her many higher education degrees…she has been doing research on the interweb about fussy babies and found that Molly may be suffering from acid reflux, sort of common in infants.  Well the change in formulas three or four times hasn’t really worked very well so Amy kept thinking there must be something else to it.  We figured that Molly was having 8 out of the 10 symptoms so Amy wrote the doctor and she was able to get us a prescription filled here at the hospital pharmacy for Molly.  Both Amy and Grandma W were surprised and pleased by how well Molly was this afternoon.  So let’s hope that this makes Molly feel a little better because she must have been really sad.

Charlotte had a really good day.  She ate really really well, and got a lot of walking in.  Not just stroller riding, but real actual walking.  She will now be off tubies until she spikes a fever.  We are hoping that doesn’t happen…at least for a little while yet.

I’m so sorry Stacy.  After all of the hard work you and your family have been doing, I never saw that your comment from Monday was automatically flagged for review.  So who likes Culver’s???

The Beaver Dam based TLC club is hosting a benefit for three area girls with cancer on January 10th from 5-8pm at the Beaver Dam Culver’s Restaurant.  So please stop by and have some good food.  Amy’s favorite is the chicken salad sandwich and I of course, am partial to the jumbo cheesburger meal complete with cheese curds, and Charlotte loves the french fries!!  I wish we could be there because there is no Culver’s very near AFCH!  Don’t just eat there for Charlotte, do it for Haley and Jessica!


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  1. After reading Lon’s tribute to Amy and crying my eyes out, I watch Charlotte running in the halls and the laughter comes; just amazing how many different emotions can come in such a short time. So happy to hear that maybe Molly’s problem might be solved. We’ll be at Culvers Monday night and hope lots of other people will be too. Love to the four of you!

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  2. You guys are doing AWESOME!!!! Glad to hear that you may have possibly diagnosed Molly’s unhappiness. Let’s hope the pills work! Colin Shepard’s son had it bad to the point where he could only sleep in his carseat because he was upright.

  3. What a GREAT day and a GREAT post to go with it! Happy to hear Molly was more settled, and how awesome to be able to see Charlotte’s energy, running in the halls. Thank you for sharing your day with us in video format!!

  4. What a silly little girl! So cute! I sure hope you are on to what might be troubling Molly.

  5. The video clip made our day! I think we all need some of Charlotte’s happy medicine at this time of the year. We would also like a little of her energy. Molly is really growing and such a beautiful baby. Keep up the awesome job both of you are doing with your two great girls. Our prayers and love continue for all of you. . . .Jim & Judy Vale

  6. Just wanted you guys to know that I read your story every day. And even if I forget to send you a comment, know that I say prayers for ALL of you and the extended family, each and every day of my prayer time. I don’t know how you can do it all, but I do know that you inspire others with your strength, hope, love and courage. Charlotte humbles me by who she is and her expressions and energy. When I think of my “problems” I see Charlotte’s face in the next blog and I once again, say a prayer for you guys. I wish I was closer to do more. But I am thinking and praying for you.

  7. Glad to hear both girls are doing well, I ‘m sure it’s very good for mom & dad too. – Loved the video – too cute!

  8. Both G’pa and I just had to watch the video again. Little Charlotte is such a cute “energizer bunny–she just keeps on going.” Even with a low-energy day, her smiles and thumbs-up is just what you need. Gramma sure enjoyed playing with you today, see you soon. Hope everyone enjoys another good night.

  9. Thank you so much for the video. It gave me a 3 minute glimpse into Charlotte’s journey through the halls. Happy to hear that Molly had a good day. Let’s all hope that those continue. Hugs and prayers!

  10. First off – Love the Vid! Cayden watched it with me and kept saying – “Why is she running?” I said “Cuz she had happy medicine and she’s happy and has energy” and he said “More like Whacky Gas” =)
    Second Molly reminds me soooooooo much of how Cayden was as an infant. Constantly Fussy! I just said to Matt it sound like Molly has reflux like Cayden did. Should have known you’d figure it out! Meds will help A LOT. My only other suggestions (and this can be tough)…Keep her upright as much as possible after eating for 30min. Can be tough when she falls asleep. But it will help. So will cereal when she gets that old. Good Job Mama!

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