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Mommy and Grandma W had their hands full today.  Charlotte was a pretty good girl most of the day, especially considering she was getting chemo.  But Molly was a stinker.  She was just not happy with eating, resting, or anything.  Charlotte ended up falling asleep last night by 10pm, but Molly was up fussing until after midnight…all the girls were able to sleep until about 8:30 this morning so that was a little helpful.  But unless Molly happened to be sleeping, she was just not a happy girl today.  After I got home from work, she did a bit of sleeping again, but once she woke up, she became unhappy.  It is now 9:15 and I was able to get CJ down to sleep, but poor Mommy has been walking the halls with Molly for the last hour or so…not that she didn’t do enough walking already today!  CJ was her normal self while getting chemo, wanted to be pushed down the hall.  So Mommy gave it a try with CJ in the stroller and Molly in the baby bjorn!  Now that’s multitasking!

I am so damn proud of my wife.  She has been ready to fight this thing since Sept 11th.  Even now, when many new mothers are coping with the unfortunate effects of post postpartum depressions or similar issues, Amy has been trudging through this personal hell that we have been thrust into and hasn’t slowed down.  She has never wanted to quit.  She has never wanted to know why this is happening-we were told why right away through her good friend’s aunt (who is also a pediatric hemoc nurse)-“God doesn’t pick the weak ones”.  And while we may have doubted our strength a thousand times over the last five months, Charlotte is still here and so we will be too. Sure, Amy has had her concerns about how this is all going to turn out…who hasn’t?  Sure, she has had many days, where bad things happen and make a decent day turn shitty quickly.  But she still gets up every morning ready to fight, and she makes sure Charlotte gets up and ready to fight as well.  And now she has to make sure Molly is up and ready for the rest of us to fight too!  She awakens every night tending to Molly’s needs leaving me to sleep as much as I can.  I couldn’t do any of this without her.  Charlotte couldn’t do this without her.  And even Molly, with her fussy times and needy moments would be competely lost if it were just me trying to take care of her!  Amy is the glue that has been twisted, stretched and melted and is still holding this damn family together through all of this crap.  I may have made a few mistakes in my time (ok, well lots of them) but I picked the right lady!

Let’s be real about this for a minute, cancer, no matter what the brand, just freaking sucks.  Our hearts and prayers go out to Alison, who was diagnosed with cancer only two days after Christmas this year and has just started her chemo.  She is a wonderful mother of two beautiful girls and the loving wife of one of Amy’s most favorite cousins.  May we all waddle through this field of horseshit together and come out smelling like roses!  If you guys ever need anything, please let us know…we would love to help any way that we can.


Save some prayers for Al and her family too!

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  1. *Love* And yes Lon – she’s pretty great!

  2. You’re right Lon, you have an absolutely amazing wife! She told me (and I can tell) you are pretty amazing, too. Keep up the good work you guys! Your girls are lucky to have you.

  3. What a beautiful devotion from a man to his wife 🙂 We all knew Amy was “the one” for Lon, and we are so happy that together they have brought Charlotte and Molly into the family to love! Sending love & prayers from Nebraska (and for Al & her family as well)

  4. What a wonderful tribute to Amy and her strength, and how wonderful of you, Lon, to say it and put it into words. I personally think all of you are pretty terrific for how you are dealing with all of this. And now this additional news about Alison. Lots of love to all of you, and we’ll be adding Alison to our prayers as well.

    Aunt Cyndee & Uncle Earl

  5. You don’t know how much I admire you all. Your whole family has really pitched in and helped. It has to be especially tough on Amy, and I’m glad she has such support. I know things will come out allright.
    I had a rare salivary gland cancer that no one seemed to know exactly how to treat at the time. We just did treatments with an educated guess. However, that was 18 years ago and I’m still around and cancer-free — ‘can’t believe it!
    So I have the greatest confidence that things will go well for Charlotte and Alison. Keep on praying! I will, too!

    Phyllis Kaesermann

    Phyllis Kaesermann
  6. What a powerful tribute to Amy and family. Lon your family will pull through.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  7. Wow…even minutes later, after reading this post, I still have chills. Never sell yourselves short…NONE of you are weak. Not many could go through what you guys are going through. Keep the faith and love going. My prayers and hugs continue for you.

  8. All I can say through my tear blurred eyes, is that you are amazing people. Thank you Lon for letting all of us know how much Amy means to you and what a marvel she is. It is wonderful for a woman to know that she is appreciated. A mother’s work often goes unnoticed and is regularly taken for granted. It is nice to know that you have taken note of how much she does and how thankful you are for her. Know that you too are an amazing father and pillar of strength. Much love and prayers to you all and to Alison’s and her family as well.

  9. You touched my heart… again. Thanks for your tribute to a wonderful lady–who was smart enough to pick you for a life partner!

    Cheryl Batterman

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