January 4th, 2011-readmitted for round 4 chemo, part 2   2 comments

Today we loaded up the van with a couple weeks worth of necessities and headed back to the hospital for more “fun with chemo”.  As was the case with the third round, Charlotte was more ready to go than either Amy or myself.  By the time I had most of the van packed up, she was so tired of waiting she just sat in her car seat in the van while I finished loading.  She was happy to be back to run around some different halls and play with some different toys.

Grandma W came back tonight to stay with us during this next week.  And judging by the energy Charlotte and Molly had this afternoon, we will need her.  Charlotte is still feeling good enough to be a naughty two year old.  As of 9p tonight she is now done with her first dose of chemo this round-three more to go.  Her numbers already went down from last week’s chemo so the doctors say we are right where we need to be this round.

Molly is doing a little better.  We did switch to soy based formula tonight.  We hope that makes a difference.  We would hate to keep the rest of the floor awake with the two of these loud kids.  To Heather and Kaylee (of room right-next-to-us), we are sorry if you get less sleep from now on!

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2 responses to “January 4th, 2011-readmitted for round 4 chemo, part 2

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  1. Happy, Healthy New Year !

    Please do not think for a minute that just because the
    Christmas holiday is over, we have forgotten about
    our Xmas Angel, Charlotte.

    Our prayers continue and we are so greatful for her
    good progress. She is one tough little cookie !


    Mary Tyson
    LCI International
    Oak Brook, IL

  2. Hope the chemo goes well, you both are so good with all that you have had behind you and what is coming now.

    Hope things quiet down now.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski

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