December 31st, 2010   6 comments

After a dicey start to the day yesterday, Charlotte and Mommy were able to come home after her nap last night.

In the hospital, they draw blood every morning to watch Charlotte’s blood cell levels drop and rise.  This happens when we are still sleeping between 5 and 7 each morning.  This way it can go off to the labs and the doctors can have the results by 8 or 9 am.  So early yesterday morning, the tech came in and disconnected Charlotte’s last IV dose of chemo while it was running (as they should), drew her blood and reconnected the IV tubes and restarted the flow.  An hour later Charlotte and Mommy woke up in a pool of toxic liquid in the bed.  Apparently the tech did not reconnect the IV tube properly and it just leaked all over Charlotte and the bed for another hour.  I am told it was a pretty hectic scene with the nurses trying to get the bed and sheets cleaned off, while Mommy tried to get Charlotte in a bath while she was still trying to get some morning rest…

Now we weren’t sure how to proceed.  Obviously, Charlotte did not get the complete requested dose of chemo and we didn’t know if, how, or when they would restart it.  Charlotte still had a dose of chemo to be given by an injection yet and that was supposed to be three hours after the last IV chemo was done.  Technically that wasn’t done yet so we didn’t know if Charlotte would still be allowed to go home today.

The doctors discussed the chemo leaking incident and apparently, compared to the entire 4 day chemo treatment, the amount of the drug that was leaked was not a concern and they would allow it to just be missed altogether.  The injection was scheduled for about 11:30am and it went on time.  They gave her some oral medication to take the edge off and make her forget about getting sticked so she wouldn’t be so apprehensive when it needed to happen again.  Amy described her mood as very cute and playful for about an hour then very energetic and obnoxious for another half hour until she fell fast asleep for her nap.  When she awoke Mommy and her headed home!

Amy and Charlotte were both excited to see me (ok, they were happy to see Molly) and the rest of the night, and the day today, was pretty uneventful.  We are going to have a nice quiet New Year’s Eve at home tonight, spend a little time with G&G E and Uncle Lyle and Jenny and family tomorrow, then probably start packing for the lengthy hospital admission on Tuesday :(.

Have a safe and healthy New Year everyone!

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6 responses to “December 31st, 2010

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  1. It’s time to say goodnight to 2010….2011 is surely going to be healthy, healthy, healthy and happy, happy, happy! Many prayers and much love being sent up and over to you, Charlotte, and all your loved ones. Charlotte, you are my 2010-2011 miracle. You are amazing little one. Love Debbie

  2. Happy New Year!!!! Charlotte we pray for a healthy new year for you. We miss you and Molly (and mommy and daddy too). Hope to see you soon—-Grandpa’s cold is getting better. Continue to be our little fighter. Help mommy and daddy pack–don’t forget to tuck in your little treasures that we then find in the suitcase later. Hug Molly for us.
    Broadway is missing you—he wants you to be throwing his ball for him.

    Grandma and Grandpa W
  3. Here is to Charlotte getting a clean bill of health in 2011!!! You all are in my thoughts and prayers.


  4. Happy New Year to all at your house today. Our prayers are that 2011 will be the turning point in your lives. We know that the times are hard, but the sun is shining and as Grandma Dorothy would always say it’s going to be a good day. Much love, Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy

    Uncle Jim and Aunt Judy
  5. I just read all the up today news. Happy New Year’s guys. Joe is finally home to and has to get a culture test once a week for 4 weeks. I know how hectic things are for you both. But with all the prayers love it will be ok.

    you are in our prayers

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  6. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers always. Glad that Charlotte is blessed with so many match opportunities! God certainly is making certain she has the best option available to her!

    Happy New Year to you all!
    Shari and family

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