December 22nd, 2010   9 comments

So far, things are still pretty normal at home.  Molly is still fussy at the end of the day, and that fussiness/crying usually lasts until well after midnight so sleep seems to be  a precious commodity around here recently.  But she is usually good during the day and rests well enough between feedings.

Charlotte has been great.  Again, if you saw her, you wouldn’t know she was sick.  She is energetic, loves to explore and play and run around and chase and be chased.  She loves her Disney movies and acts about as normal as we could expect out of someone her age.

We are still finishing our Christmas shopping when we can find the time.  Charlotte, donning her mask, and Molly, Amy and I actually went to Kohls tonight to do a little browsing/buying.  Charlotte had a great time there too.  She loved to just walk around (big surprise)!  But who knows when we will find enough time to wrap anything!!  We are all excited to have a long weekend at home before going back to the hospital for us to relax and just hang out.

We are expecting it to be quiet for a  few more days, so if we don’t have the time to write another post, or if you all may not have the time to check, Amy and I would just like to wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and ditto for the New Year.  We have been very fortunate to have such caring family and friends and we hope for nothing but the best for everyone that has been wishing and praying for us.

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9 responses to “December 22nd, 2010

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  1. How exciting for Charlotte to actually be able to go shopping! It’s so good to hear how well she and little sister Molly are doing. Our love and prayers to you and your two precious little girls for a peaceful and happy Christmas, and a promising and healthy 2011.

    Cyndee and Earl

  2. Glad that things are going so well for you at home. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and God Bless!

    The Harborts

  3. We didn’t send out cards this year, so we want to wish you guys a Merry Christmas! And we wish good things for all of you in the New Year, too. Sending many hugs, prayers, and well wishes your way!!

    The Fenlons

    Nikki and Pat Fenlon
  4. Merry Christmas Elskes! Glad you are all at home, Charlotte is feeling good, and that you’re able to go out and shop! Love you

  5. Such a blessing to be celebrating at home. Merry Christmas!!

  6. Right back at you all! Stay warm over the holidays!

  7. We are so happy for your family. Enjoy these moments! Appreciate & Love each other.
    Merry Christmas to your family! You are in our prayers everyday.
    Our love & hopes to you!
    Bunny & Jim Gitter

    Jim & Bunny Gitter
  8. Best wishes for a Merry- Merry Christmas and the healthiest of New Years to all of you!

  9. Shopping brings joy to every girls heart,Glad you got to do it with your girls,May simple pleasure this Christmas Season bring all the joy of being home with your family and hopes of you healthy New Year Love Aunt Mary

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