December 20th, 2010   2 comments

Molly has been better over the last couple of days.  We changed her formula and she seems to be responding well to the change.  She is not nearly as fussy.  Still waking up a few times during the night, but that is completely expected.  Overall, she is pretty happy.

Charlotte has been great.  She is still eating good, and playing happily.  We did receive news of a setback today.  It turns out that the bone marrow donor they had arranged for was only interested in donating stem cells, not bone marrow.  The doctors want to transplant bone marrow, so this donor will not work.  They do still have two other “perfect” matches that are willing to be marrow donors, but because of the compatibility confirmation steps involved, the transplant team will not be ready for Charlotte in early-mid January as originally planned.  So the only other option, to keep the leukemia at bay, is to have Charlotte come in for another round of chemo before a transplant can be arranged.  The doctors have agreed to do a modified round of chemo, which should be a little easier on Charlotte’s body.  Since they still ultimately want to do a transplant, they aren’t going to be using the very intensive chemo she has received the first three rounds.  She will be admitted Tuesday the 28th for about three days, then home for about a week, then readmitted for another two weeks for another short round of chemo and watching her numbers return to normal.  The transplant team thinks that we are now looking at a transplant the last week of January or later.

It is a small setback, but we are still very thankful there are more donors available for Charlotte.

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2 responses to “December 20th, 2010

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  1. Glad to hear Charlotte and Molly are both happy and doing so well. Two little “cutie-pies”, that’s for sure!! Sorry to hear about the first donor backing out, but it’s so good to know there are two others in line. We’re praying all will work out well for Charlotte to have a successful transplant. Love to all of you!!

    Cyndee & Earl

  2. Sorry to hear about the set back but that’s wonderful that you have a couple more options. I’m glad to the girls are doing well. I hope you are enjoying your time home and getting ready for Christmas!

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