December 14th, 2010-Home home, here we come.   13 comments

Today Charlotte woke up with 90 neutrophils and she was sassy again but eating well.  Dr Diamond gave us the opportunity to go home and get some much needed time away from the hospital.  We didn’t argue too much.  Amy and Grandma E spent most of the day packing up our room so we were ready to leave shortly after Charlotte’s nap.  We still need to return Friday for a blood draw, and at least once again next week.  We will hopefully find out more details and timing for the transplant later this week or early the next.  But Dr Diamond thinks that we will probably have at least the next few weeks to have at home if we can keep Charlotte healthy.  She is happy to be home and once we get unpacked, we will be too.  We will miss the rest of the families and staff at AFCH and hope they all have a good holiday season.

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13 responses to “December 14th, 2010-Home home, here we come.

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  1. Welcome Home Lon, Amy, Charlotte & Molly!!! So glad you’ll be spending Amy’s birthday and the holidays in Columbus!!! Jumping for joy in Sun Prairie! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. So glad to hear your home in your own abode for some quite moments.Big sister Charlotte can introduce Molly to her new surroundings too. Love to all.

  3. WELCOME HOME!! So very excited for you and the prospect of Christmas at home. You are all (g’parents included!) doing a great job…sending our continued prayers and support.

  4. What a great early birthday present for Amy and Christmas present to be home. Enjoy your time at home. Sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!

  5. WELCOME HOME!! Wonderful news that you will be spending Christmas in the comfort of your home. Stay warm and enjoy.

    Love and prayersl, Ma Kaland

    Peter & Judy Kaland
  6. What a wonderful blessing that you can spend Christmas in your own home. Your entire family will remain in our prayers.

    Fred & Della Dartt
  7. Congrats and enjoy! To take a line from Extreme Home Makeover “Welcome home Elske Family, welcome home!” Sending prayers and hopes for healthy happy times in Columbus!

  8. YIPPEE!!! Sleeping in your own bed… PRICELESS! 🙂

  9. We are so happy to hear that you are home for a while!! We’ve been praying for you ever since we heard about your family and the benefit on December 4th. We will continue to pray for you and wish you a wonderful holiday away from the hospital.

  10. I’m so happy that Charlotte is able to go home. May your family be blessed with a very happy Christmas together!

    Phyllis Kaesermann
  11. I’m so happy Charlotte is able to go home. May your Christmas be a blessed time to be together.

    Phyllis Kaesermann
  12. We wish Amy a Happy Birthday and hope all is going well at home. Eric was able to have his new son, Tucker, come home today on his birthday! We continue to pray for you and your whole family. Charlotte is really an inspiration to us. An early Merry Christmas to your family.

    Jim & Bunny Gitter
  13. Happy Birthday Amy!!! I bet it’s the best gift being home with your girls! Love to you all.

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