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Well, we didn’t go home today.  Charlotte lost a few neutrophils this morning so she was down from 60 to 40.  But the rest of her numbers looked pretty good so we may still be only a couple of days away from a

Charlotte likes Molly's swing.

trip to Columbus.  She had a good breakfast and was ready to get moving.  She was very active today and quite sassy again.  She was not in the mood for the doctor once-overs and didn’t want her vitals taken every four hours either.  So we know she is feeling better-she is starting to get sick of this place.  But she played along and had a pretty good morning.

Today was a sad day though.  We said goodbye to Grandma Wags.  She left us to go back to her regular life and job, and husband, and other grandkids, and our dog…she has been staying with us and helping us out since before Molly was born!  It goes without saying that her child care and nursing services, her support, her love and her companionship will be missed.  Thank you Grandma.  We would have never made it through these tough weeks without you.  I hope you are able to get back into your normal life again quickly.

Seriously, I'm smiling on the inside.

We met with Dr Diamond today to discuss Charlotte’s treatment schedule.  She has consulted with the team of doctors here as well as receiving input from many of the pediatric AML experts around the country, and the opinion is that we should now try an unrelated donor bone marrow transplant.  This was a tough decision for her because of the many serious risks involved with bone marrow and stem cell transplants.  When using an unrelated bone marrow donor, the doctors need to be sure the donor is a very good match to Charlotte’s genetic make up or she will (like any other transplant) reject the bone marrow infusion.  The side effects of a BMT alone can be fatal but a good match lessens some risks.  But they believe that Charlotte’s aggressive disease, with her complex cytogenetic tests, is too likely to return with only a chemotherapy treatment plan and a BMT provides the best long term cure.  Amy and I are very thankful that the transplant doctor here believes he has already found a very good HLA match and we will be spending the next few weeks (once we return home) preparing for the transplant (doctor meetings, pre-transplant scans and tests, and numerous health inspctions/assessments ) which they will likely schedule for early-mid January.  This is a very scary thing to think about-some individuals don’t even survive the transplant.  But so far, Charlotte’s health and the positive way she has responded to three already pretty aggressive chemo rounds leads Dr Diamond to be optimistic about her chances.  And I think Amy and I are trying our damnedest to be as well.  There will be challenges, and it will most likely be a much more rocky road than what we have experienced so far.  But if this works the way we hope and pray it will, Charlotte could be leukemia free and on her way to living a more normal life in just a couple more months!

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  1. And the smiles return! Thank you Gma Wags for being there with Charlotte, Amy, Molly and Lon! We will continue to keep our hopes high and pray for Charlotte’s treatments and good health. Thanks for the pictures Daddy 🙂

  2. I read Charlotte outlook everyday. I hope everything will come out alright. You are all doing a good job.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  3. We’re all regularly praying for positive outcomes. Hope you can get home soon for Christmas. Love the smiles!

  4. Continued prayers for the best results.

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