December 12th, 2010   7 comments

Today was a great day for Charlotte! Amy and her mom were relieved as they had a tough night with Charlotte and Molly last night.  Both girls only wanted Amy (poor Grandma tried all of her tricks, but mommy was wanted by both girls).  After many tears from both, both girls finally crashed for the night after 11pm.

Amy and Charlotte were greeted this morning by a smiley Dr. Diamond today announcing that 2 of Charlotte’s iv antibiotics would be stopped today as she has been fever free for so long.  That leaves her with one IV antibiotic that only takes 30 minutes to administer 3 times a day so Charlotte got to be tubie free for most of the day today.  Her oral lung medication is also being changed today from twice a day to just once a day.  AND Charlotte’s neutrophils rose to 60 today and her white cells also climbed.  Amy surprised me with a phone call telling me that I had to return to the hospital soon as we could be discharged as early as tomorrow if Charlotte’s netrophils again increase.  If that’s the case, Dr. Diamond wants to meet with Amy and me to discuss the next step in Charlotte’s treatment……transplant or continued chemo.  Amy again reviewed my symptoms (or lack there of since I have not gotten any worse) and Dr. Diamond gave me the green light to return to the hospital.  So although the roads were not in the best condition today, Amy pleaded that I return to the hospital tonight as to hopefully avoid a repeat night like last night.

We’re trying not to get our hopes up of leaving tomorrow as we’re used to playing the up and down numbers game.  But we are so excited to just be talking about discharge so early into round 3.  We are thrilled to realize that we will actually be home for Christmas (Amy’s goal since starting this round).

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  1. We are praying that all four of you will be able to go back home to Columbus and enjoy a wonderful Christmas. Love from all of us.

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  2. It was a winter wonderland day glad to hear the news is good my pray for all of you was Amy and family would be back to Columbus by Amy’s Birthday. Looks like that will Happen . Prays continue for all of you. Auntie Mary

  3. What wonderful news. Charlotte bounces back so fast which is amazing. I know she has ups and downs with the numbers but the fact that they are rising so soon is great. Praying and looking forward to hearing that you are back in Columbus for Christmas. Prayers and hugs continue your way.

    Joan and Bob

  4. Baby… it’s cold out there! If you do get released, please bundle up warmly–and drive safely as the roads are very icy. (Sorry, I had to play the “Mom card”) 🙂

  5. So happy to hear of Charlotte’s continued path back to health! Very encouraging visit by Dr. Diamond, and encouraged that Daddy came back to his girls!!! Sending prayers and love your way

  6. It was wonderful to read about Charlotte’s improvement as of yesterday! I think all the many prayers are helping. . .even if we didn’t have church this week. We’ll be looking forward to seeing your lights on at the top of the block. You all deserve Christmas in Columbus. With prayers and friendship, Jim & Judy

  7. Boy, she is some fighter. Good for her! Nice to hear the good news. We’ve been keeping tabs via the blog and always including you in our prayers.

    Hugs to all,

    Donnie & Marilyn

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