December 11th, 2010   3 comments

Today was a pretty good day for Charlotte.  So far she has been fever free since early yesterday and she will not need a couple of the antibiotics so that should give her more tubie-free time over the next couple of days.  Today she was active, and very sassy, so she must be feeling better.  She is starting to eat a little more at each serving and her tummy aches have not been bothering her since yesterday either.  And she had 30 neutrophils this morning too!!

I went to the doctor this morning and he told me that I have high blood pressure.  No freaking kidding!  He thinks that I either have a bacterial or viral infection so he prescribed some antibiotics for me.  I seem to be feeling as good as or better than yesterday, so I am not sure if I am sick or not.  So I plan on staying in Columbus until at least tomorrow and see how I feel.  I hope I can return to the hospital soon.


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  1. Great news about Charlotte….praying that it continues to get better daily (looking forward to having the Elske’s home for Christmas). Hoping Molly will soon decide nights are for sleeping so Mommy can start to catch up. We continue to send up multiple prayers daily and our love to all of you, always.

  2. Good Morning from snowy Watertown. So happy to hear Charlotte is doing well. Continued prayers that the family is all home and snug for Christmas real soon. Love from the two of us and CoCo too!

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  3. I’m glad to hear Charlotte is feeling a bit better. Now you get better Lon and all of you stay safe in the wild snow it sounds like you are getting!!

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