December 10th, 2010   Leave a comment

Charlotte had another pretty good day.  Her temperatures remained around the 99-100 mark most of the day.  She played and ate pretty well too.  Still nothing showing up on her blood cultures yet.  She met Santa and a reindeer today.  And she had another poopy diaper with only a couple of tummy aches.  We have noticed that the pains usually show up after she has had a little to eat.  So the doctors have put her on a medicine that will control her acid.  So far Friday night she seemed to be a little better.

I ended up going back to Columbus tonight.  This afternoon I had some nasal/sinus congestion and I am worried I may be getting sick.  So for the next couple of days, I will be staying away from my girls in our house.  It is cold and lonely here.  I wish I were back with them.  Grandma W will end up staying with Amy through the nights because I won’t be there.  But if I am sick, it is best that I stay here and not on the 4th floor of AFCH.  I could get Amy and Molly sick, I could get Charlotte very very sick as her ANC is still 0, and I could get the rest of the kids on this floor ill as well.  I will stay in touch with them and see how they are doing, but I am sure Amy and Grandma have a handle on things.  I miss them.


Love you girls.

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