December 8th, 2010   2 comments

Today Charlotte returned to normal a little bit.  She and Mommy slept in late after another rough night with Molly being up a lot of the time wanting to eat.  So a nice sleeping in was just what Mommy ordered! And Charlotte woke up wanting to eat a little bit so that was good.  Her spunk came back some this morning as she wanted to direct the Grandmas to either play with her, or hold Molly, or walk with me/push stroller.  So she was trying to be a little more active.  Her temperatures stayed pretty normal throughout the morning and she went down for her nap nicely.  So far nothing came back from either day’s blood cultures so that is a good sign.  They also took her extra IV out of her arm so that is another good sign that they aren’t too worried about a serious situation coming back.

Unfortunately, she woke up from her nap with a temperature of 100.5 but she still wasn’t the regular feverish clingy Charlotte we knew.  The temp was high enough that they could give her a little tylenol but not high enough to have more blood cultures taken.  Even with the 100.5 temp, she was still playing with Grandma E like normal so that is a little better sign.  The attending stopped in today and said that he was much happier to see her in better spirits and health.  He said Charlotte was getting him a little worried.  He also thought that we may see her numbers stay so low for another two weeks, so that might mean we could get out of here by Christmas.  The doctors are still a little worried that Charlotte’s breathing is a little fast.  They will continue to monitor that as well as it just may be an effect of the fevers.

It was another good day today.  Charlotte’s activity level is coming back.  Her tummy pain episodes were down to about three total today, much better than a couple of days ago.  She pooped, and ate and drank a little more as well.  But her attitude is coming back pretty quickly, so all the rest is certain to follow.  Hopefully we can keep the high fevers at bay, get some more foodstuffs into her, and keep her healthy for another two weeks while her numbers come up.


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2 responses to “December 8th, 2010

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  1. The P on her tub is for Peanut!!!!

  2. Gotta love it when the IV can be removed – less meds, less inconvenience. Grow healthy little cells, Charlotte. Sending love, hugs and warm wishes to Wisconsin!

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