December 7th, 2010   4 comments

Charlotte had a pretty restless night, as did Molly, so so did Amy and I.  Charlotte’s fever continued into this morning.  As did her occasional tummy pains though not nearly as often as the previous days.  She had little to eat or drink since Monday evening so she was hungry and thirsty today but since she was supposed to be sedated, she was not allowed anything until after the procedure/scan had been done.

We finally found out about 11:30 that she could have her ct scan at 2pm.  They did mention they would not be doing a feeding tube as they wanted the contrast to be in her system for two hours before the scan and that would mean either she would have her feeding tube installed while she was awake and alert (which we didn’t want to do) or she would be sedated for two or more hours for a few minutes worth of procedure and scans (which they wouldn’t do).  So they thought they would try to get Charlotte to drink 8oz of apple juice loaded with the contrast and that just didn’t work.  She was in no mood to have us tell her what to drink so she barely got any down.  They would have to use the less reliable contrast dye via IV to get the scans done.  As far as the procedures go, we remembered that her port needle was scheduled to be changed again on Wed so we asked them to do that while she was out.  And the doctors, fearing the worst from the scans, ordered her to have a wrist IV inserted while she was out as well.  This would also be used to administer more fluids or antibiotics or nutrition as needed since sometimes her existing single line was already getting utilized almost 24 hours/day.  We also knew that she would need another chest ct scan to look for more lung junk from early in November and asked that they also scan that area while she was sedated.

So two o’clock finally rolled around and we headed to the ct room for sedation.  It didn’t take long (once the doctors finally arrived) for her to be under and we went back to her room without her.  It is a weird feeling to be back in her room with no bed and no Charlotte.  But they soon called us to the recovery room where she was up and crying for us.  We were there for only half an hour and got to come back to Charlotte’s room and she was glad to be back.  She was still clingy and sleepy, but she also missed half her nap time with this whole procedure/scan thing.  We waited for another couple of hours before any results came back.

The resident came into the room smiling.  We weren’t sure how to read her since she was still a little new and unfamiliar to us, but we hoped it was good news.  It was.  She said the radiologists got a good scan from the IV contrast and saw no signs of typhlitis.  They did still see a little stool in there, but that is to be expected.  But nothing to worry about as far as the serious stuff goes!  They also thought the lung scan looked a little better than the last one so hopefully they are happy with that!

We may be able to have Charlotte’s wrist IV pulled in the next day or so, and the doctors may cut down on her antibiotics a little since the typhlitis is not on the top of their concern list now.  Charlotte’s cramps have dwindled to just a couple every 6 hours or so but her fever still remains.  But we are hopeful that it is not related to her recent bowel troubles and more of a coincidence.  For now the doctors will continue to treat the fevers with some antibiotics and tylenol as well as monitor the blood cultures taken yesterday and today.  We hope that she should start eating a bit more and have less cramps once her tummy gets over the trauma from recent days.  She did have about 10oz of water and milk tonight as well as 1/3 of a banana so that is a pretty good start.

Molly seems to be going through a growth spurt as we can’t keep her filled up long enough for her to get any decent rest in.  So it may be another long night…at least as far as Molly is concerned.  Maybe Charlotte will get a chance to get some much needed rest.


Thanks for all of your kind words, positive thoughts and prayers.  We couldn’t do this without the help and support of our family and friends and the occasional good news day.  And without all of you stopping in to read it, we wouldn’t be telling this story.

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4 responses to “December 7th, 2010

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  1. Wow, you guys have been through a lot today, physically, emotionally. I’m so sorry. But I’m so glad the day ended on a positive note, good test results and Charlotte getting some nutrition. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that Molly stays full tonight and you can all get some much needed rest. Hang in there guys, hopefully you’ll be back in your own beds soon.

  2. Well the news was good, hope everything becomes normal again soon especially the fever. You are in our prayers

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  3. Oh good! I’m so glad to hear the test results were all good news! I hope everyone got some rest.

  4. Echoing Aunt Jenny’s comments today. What an emotional day that ended on a GOOD note. Hopefully sleep was also good for the Elskes last night.

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