December 6th, 2010-If it ain’t one thing, it’s another…   4 comments

Today started out like the last few days.  Charlotte woke up pretty happy but was soon doubled over in pain again with cramps every so often.  But she was very happy to see Grandma E show up to join the party!  St Nick also showed up to give the girls a little something nice.

During morning rounds the attending physician mentioned that he didn’t think Charlotte was that full of the brown stuff.  We think he has seen many more worse cases of backed up disease so he didn’t seem as worried about the backup as Charlotte’s small bouts of nausea and cramping.  So the possibility of Charlotte having a CT scan was discussed.  The CT scan would show the doctors if there was inflammation of the bowels (what we have been trying to avoid all round) causing the pain.  The nurse also brought up the idea that in some other cases, the laxative Charlotte is being given twice a day can also cause bad cramps and gas.  Since we hadn’t really seen any return on that investment, we also thought about stopping the laxative and seeing if her cramps would improve.

Around lunchtime, Charlotte starting having pretty regular cramps and wanted to go to her private place (behind the rocker) to try to evacuate her overstayed guests.  She soon returned from the chair sporting her newly decorated diaper and pants…and shirt…and socks…and hand…Grandpa E enjoyed the show while rocking Molly.  There was a Mommy and two Grandmas trying to race around the room with rags and towels.  Charlotte had produced the mother load and was now full of it.  Mommy quickly pulled the full diaper off and gave her another one to finish in.  After that much time was spent getting her into the little tub to sit a while, then empty the water, then sit again…eventually Mommy and the Grandmas got her cleaned up enough and she took a nap.

Only to wake up from her nap with a fever.

She had a nice two and a half hour nap and woke up clingy again and had a 101 temperature.  The nurses were called, the doctors were consulted and blood was taken to be cultured and antibiotics were started-all per the standard we have become used to.  Though this time around the doctors were more concerned with typhlitis-the inflammation problem-because along with the cramps should come a fever…well now here it is.  So they wanted a CT scan done and started making the calls at 5:30.  They said that Charlotte would probably have to be put under again because crying and hollering and squirming would make the scans unreadable.  So now we needed to figure out when she last ate, and drank.  Fortunately Charlotte was not feeling well most of the day so she had very very little all day and they figured she might be ready to go tonight and they would let us know.  But that information didn’t come.  And then it didn’t come.  After two hours Charlotte was starting to get thirsty and hungry because her tummy might have been feeling a little better, but we couldn’t give her anything…so finally at 8:15 they let us know that it wouldn’t be tonight.  They told us sometime tomorrow morning she would be anesthetized, then intubated and an NG feeding tube put in so she could have some sort of dye in her stomach for them to see better on the scan.  We gave her a couple bites to eat and a little bit to drink and she was soon ready for bed.

The nurses have reassured us that fevers are common.  And that Charlotte should have been in a lot more pain, a lot more often, and a much earlier fever if she had typhlitis.  One of our favoritest nurses even went so far to say that she has never seen an AML child make it through a standard round of chemo (where their immune system gets so compromised) without getting a fever, usually for no explainable reason.  So we have to assume that this sort of stuff is just par for the course.  We don’t know when she will be in surgery/CT scan tomorrow, we just have to wait for an opening so we are hoping it goes well.

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4 responses to “December 6th, 2010-If it ain’t one thing, it’s another…

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  1. Yay for poo! Glad to hear Charlotte has overcome yet another hurdle, and praying for an easy experience today, and NO findings. Love & hugs to the Elskes 🙂

  2. glad she went poo. Now to get everything else done and she will be on her merry way. take care all

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  3. I hope the test went well and results were good today. Take care!

  4. The poo part of today’s story brought a LOL out of me. I can just imagine the excitement when that happened. Lucky Grandma W!!! Hang in there…Hugs and Prayers all around!

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