December 5th, 2010   3 comments

Saturday night was a fantastic night and the benefit was a huge success!  I am not sure how many people attended but it was well over 200!!  It looked like everyone had a super time as well.  The food was great, the beer was cold enough to drink, and the music was also terrific.  Amy and I would like to sincerely thank Aunt Sharon and Uncle Dean, Kim and Bill, Neal and Kris, Dave L, the Clyman Lions Club, and everyone else who assisted, donated, or otherwise helped make the Charlotte’s Web of Hope benefit such an awesome event for such a great town!  I am not sure how much money was raised, but it was more than Amy and I could have ever dreamed of!  We are so grateful for all of our friends and family and we would like you all to know that we would not be braving this (though we feel most days like we are just barely slinking through) without all of them coming together every day and showing their support in one way or another!  I finally made it back to Columbus around 2am and, for the first time since September, slept apart from Charlotte and Amy (and now Molly) when they were stuck at AFCH.  But it was all OK when Amy called me first thing this morning waking me from my restful slumber to see how things were going and checking up on what time I would be returning!!

I got back to the hospital about 10 this morning and saw Charlotte playing in the play room with Grandma W!  She seemed so happy and was enjoying herself!  I brought a few loads of stuff (from the benefit) up to the room and settled back into the swing of things.  Charlotte quickly found me and started opening some of her presents.  She was still in quite a bit of pain every once in a while with the stomach cramps as she had no bowel movements since Saturday am.  But when she was not in pain, she was a very cheerful and pretty happy little girl.  She was still active, but not as much as we were used to seeing.

Her numbers continued to drop today and she received a blood transfusion during her naptime.  Her ANC is down to 0 so we are getting down to the rock bottom that we are expecting to see for this round.  So while we wait for the laxatives and stool softeners to do their jobs, we are at least content with knowing the chemo has done its part.  Tomorrow or Tuesday she will likely need a platelet transfusion as well as those will also drop more.

The rest of the day saw G&G E come and visit, bringing more gifts, and Charlotte was happy to see them as well!  She never ended up having a bm today so she was still in a lot of pain on and off for the rest of the day.  Hopefully she will have a restful night and Monday will bring more “presents” for Mommy and Grandma while I am back to work.


Thank you again to all of you who put together the benefit and thank you to all who attended!

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  1. So happy to hear about the great turnout for Charlotte’s Web of Hope! Charlotte’s energy levels are super, despite her pain and tummy troubles. Prayers for some movement today & more happy playtime –

  2. So glad to hear Charlotte’s Web of Hope benefit was such a big success with so many people attending. What a great effort on everyone’s part – just terrific! Hope Miss Charlotte can get back on a “regular” track soon so those tummy aches go away, and it’s good to see her still so active. Little Molly is adorable – loved the picture of her smiling up at Grandma W, and the one of her and Amy snuggling. You guys hang in there – Charlotte and all of you are doing such a GREAT job!! Hugs and kisses to all of you!!!
    Aunt Cyndee & Uncle Earl

  3. Glad all went well Sat. Hope Charlotte goes poop, poor baby. The baby is beautiful like her sister.

    Keep up the good work

    Joe & Sue Kaminski

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