December 4th, 2010   7 comments

Wow.  I have found that having two kids really puts a limit on any free time a guy has.  I haven’t been able to update the blog much (sorry).  Amy hasn’t had

Charlotte helping Grandma with dishes

much sleep (sorry about that too).  And my Playstation playing free time has recently gone in the crapper!  Even with a full time nanny around (Grandma W),we have barely found enough time to use the bathrooms when we need to without holding one of the children.  Charlotte is feeling pretty needy again.  Thursday night, Charlotte was trying to fall asleep when she woke up holding her belly and crying telling us her tummy hurt.  This was one of the big issues that Dr Diamond warned us about when we expressed our concern for the higher dosages of chemo this round.  She mentioned that bowel inflammation could be a big possibility and very serious should it happen.  So Amy and I were very worried when we heard Charlotte in pain.  We talked to the nurse right away and she came in and took a look.  She said it sounded like her bowels were still moving and she felt constipated.  Charlotte continued to have painful episodes throughout the night about once every hour or so, they would last for  a minute or two then she would be alright.

Through an X-ray Friday morning, the talented doctors were able to confirm that Charlotte is my daughter-currently she is “full of sh*&”.   So they have her on a regular stool softener and laxative regimen.  They are still thinking her bowels are moving and she is passing a lot of gas (also, like her daddy) so they aren’t too concerned.  She is still having these episodes regularly into Saturday morning and we will just have to keep her moving and pooping and she should be ok.

We are getting excited for the Clyman benefit tonight.  Amy probably won’t be able to attend as she is still breastfeeding Molly and won’t be able to get away for the night.  Hopefully the weather will let up and allow everyone to attend that wants to.  Hope to see you there!


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  1. Sorry to hear of Charlotte’s tummy episodes, hopefully that will pass soon (Daddy’s will probably remain). So proud of you two amazing parents and so so so proud of Charlotte staying so strong. What a trooper she is! Hang in there; more restfull days and nights are coming. Always in our prayers, in our thoughts and in our hearts.

  2. Hope by this time Charlotte is feeling better (late afternoon).
    The “Charlotte’s Web of Hope” is really coming together. Hope everyone can come (Sorry, Amy, but we’ll take lots of pictures!) as we have many,many things to auction off and raffles and BAKED Goods galore! (Think- buy cookies for Christmas!) Hopefully the weather holds out and it looks like it will and we will be able to give Lon, Amy, Charlotte and Molly a great gift. Love from all of us!

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  3. Here’s hoping Charlotte had some movement today & that Mommy had a nice girls night! Love you guys

  4. Just returned from the Benefit for Charlotte . Amazing and alot of efffort went into this Benefit surely can tell the Family is very supportative Looks like the event was a succes. Love and prayers for quieter days ahead. Glad to have been part of the fund raiser,

  5. The Benefit was great! Can’t wait to find our how much we made. We had a great time but missed you Amy. Love to all…..Time for bed. Dean’s not home yet! 12:45 AM!

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  6. Sorry to hear of the tummy aches but it sounds like she’s dealing with it like she does everything – what a little trooper she is. And what a great sense of humor you continue to display – how can you not get thorough this with such positive attitudes?

    Love the snow on your site – not so much on our driveways!

  7. No excuses needed for not posting as regularly. The Elske family has a lot going on. 🙂 Hope Charlotte can move that poo…no one likes to be full of it! Hugs and prayers.

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