November 29th, 2010   5 comments

Today was another tough day, and boy was Amy was glad that her mother was there to help!  Their time was evenly divided between watching either Molly or Charlotte and they were worn out by the time I got back from work.  The chemo regimen is still getting the better of Charlotte, but she is still maintaining her desire to stay out of her room.  Most of her day was spent with Amy or Grandma walking her around the halls in her stroller!  Her appetite was OK again today but her thirst almost died out completely until this evening.  For dinner tonight she requested her usual chicken wings, but this time she said “Nice warm chicken wings”.  So Amy worked extra hard to make sure they were a good temperature by the time she got them.  Towards the end of the night, we had to try every trick in the book to get her to drink a couple of cartons of milk and water so she wouldn’t have to receive liquids via IV while she slept.

She was pretty tired most of the day, even took a few non-standard naps, and her cute little attitude didn’t show up until about 8pm tonight when she was ready for bed.  She even gave Grandma the thumbs up when she went back to the Ronald McDonald House for the night.  But she went down quickly and we hope it is another restful night for the Elske clan.

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5 responses to “November 29th, 2010

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  1. Sleep tight little angel and Mommy, Daddy and Molly too! We are praying that tomorrow will be a better day. Love to the four of you from the two of us! (P.S. Everyone is working hard on the Clyman Benefit!!)

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  2. Glad to hear the positives during such a tough day. Little Charlotte is a determined young lady who sure knows what she wants!

  3. hopefully your day will be better we need some sun. Card is on the way. Been busy with Joe.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  4. I know the days (and nights) right now are hard and seemingly unforgiving, but you’ll make it through. Amy I would love to come and help be “grandma” for a day any Wednesday or Friday. Stay strong Elske’s! Our love and prayers are with you always. Debbie

  5. These definitely appear to be tougher days. Just remember the wonderful miracles you have…Charlotte, Molly and yourselves. God does good things for good people. Keep your chins up and remember every day is a gift. Hugs and prayers continue from the Peacheys!

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