November 28th, 2010   2 comments

Charlotte is still feeling the effects of both the chemo and the steroids today, but she did have a little better appetite.  Her attitude was very much up and down today, as was her energy level.  Some times she would seem happy and very active wanting to walk the halls and play in the play room.  And then other times she might be a little grumpy or very lethargic, even taking a quick 3 minute catnap in our arms or the stroller.

But overall, it was another good day.  Charlotte had no major meltdowns and no major medical issues.  Her rash never came back at the 4am chemo treatment, nor the 4pm treatment so who knows what that was?  And today is another day of her high dose chemo behind us.  Only a couple more to go!  We should be getting the official biopsy results back tomorrow and by Tuesday or Wednesday we might know if Molly is a match for a stem cell transplant so this week should be chock full of news be it good or less than good.  Keep your fingers crossed and prayers coming for the good style news.

Molly is still keeping Amy up most of the night.  Hopefully she can get into a little better schedule as I return to work tomorrow.  Grandma W plans on being here for the week yet so we are very thankful for that!

Check out the new page about the Charlotte’s Web of Hope benefit on December 4th.  Click on the top of this page-underneath the “Just Another Site” text.

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  1. We returned from a wonderful trip and am now catching up on your news. Wonderful to hear of Molly’s arrival and that Charlotte is being a loving big sister. A big thanks, Lon, for your daily updates. Marie was home yesterday and we watched the Hamden Christmas program when you guys were in third grade. What a hoot!!!

    Love and hugs from Ma Kaland

  2. Happy news with Charlotte’s appetite, and that Grandma W can be around to help Mommy, Molly and Charlotte this week. LOVE to hear the “good news” especially in the midst of a chemo session! Miss you terrifically but Daddy’s posts and pictures help 🙂 Love you from Nebraska

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