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We are already starting to see the side effects of the dexamethasone (this is the steroid they gave her last round to reduce the side effects of chemo-nausea, fever, etc).  Amy and I didn’t like it because it made her very moody and un-Charlotte-like in many ways.  But we only needed a day or two of the feverish Charlotte (at the end of round two) to realize that we will take a semi mobile moody Charlotte over a very feverish, doesn’t want to do anything or go anywhere Charlotte pretty much any day.  So we agreed with Dr Diamond when she said one of the ways to get through the high doses of chemo in round three would be to use the dex every day to keep the more serious chemo side effects away.  It was started yesterday before her first hit of chemo and will continue for the 5 days like the chemo drugs do.

Charlotte started off the morning by throwing her pancakes, puzzle pieces, toys and nuks around the room.  She was generally unhappy when the doctors and nurses came in to see her and the “uppie-me” (translated:  lift me up and carry me would you for crying out loud!!) attitude continued throughout the day.  But she remained mobile for the most part, even walking around the halls later in the evening with a little dixie cup of water-she saw Mommy and Daddy get a cup of water at the ice machine and she wanted one too.  So we walked around the halls and every once in a while she would stop and sip a little water out of her cup.  She wouldn’t carry around an empty cup as Mommy and Daddy had stuff in their cups, so she wanted some in hers too.  She was so cute, and acted like such a big girl even when we knew, by her attitudes, that she wasn’t feeling the greatest.  At her afternoon dose of chemo, she did get a very prominent rash around her face for a brief period of time.  Her right and left cheeks were white and normal colored, but her forehead, and around her eyes, ears and under her chin all got a crimson color for about 5-10 minutes, then went away.  It didn’t seem to bother her, but it appeared pretty quickly and worried us a bit.  The resident took a look but it was gone by the time she got here and she said the fact that it went away by itself is a good sign.  The nurse

Charlotte loves the view from her new room. She even found Nemo outside our window-see the construction barrel on its side in the ice?

had just started her afternoon dose of chemo literally 10 seconds before this, so were aren’t even sure if it got to her yet through her IV tubes.  But earlier in the day she had the dex and zofran (anti nausea) and also a once-monthly anti-biotic pentamidine.  So we will monitor her 4am dose of chemo this morning to see if it returns.

She still has a few hours in the morning, afternoon and evening when she doesn’t have any IV hooked up at all.  This morning when her nurse, Tracy, unhooked her, she said “You’re free Charlotte” and Charlotte ran around the room hollering “FREE!!!” and jumping up and down!  We think it was another decent day.  Grandma W was here again all day and G&G E showed up early too and hung around most of the day.  Molly is doing pretty good.  She still keeps Mommy up most of the night wanting to be fed, but last night was a small improvement.  Hopefully tonight will be better yet.  Charlotte didn’t eat very well today at all (we think she is either nauseated or the chemo has changed her sense of taste), but drank lots of milk and still stayed active.  For the doses of chemo she is getting, we think that is OK.


Check out the newly created “page” for information on the December 4th benefit in Clyman called Charlotte’s Web of Hope.  You can find it at the top of this page-just to the right of the “Home” link.

There will be live music, raffles, a live auction, drinks, food, bake sale, and more.  And most importantly, once you attend, you will now know where Clyman is!!

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  1. So happy to hear about mobile Charlotte, even if it comes with needy mood swings. Will keep praying for more smooth sailing thru this round 3. Love & hugs little one.

  2. Your daily postings are an inspiration to me. Your honesty as you face the daily medical challenges is refreshing–thank you for taking the time each day to share. Hugs to all 🙂

  3. That Nemo sighting cracked me up! It’s great to hear you’re settling in to your second home again. I hope that Molly adjusts quickly and that Charlotte continues to take her treatment like a champ. Miss you guys!

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