November 26th, 2010-Admitted for round three of chemo.   7 comments

Today started out much the same as any other day this week.  Charlotte woke up bright and early at the earliest sign of light and kicked Daddy out of her bed (when she cries in the middle of the night, Daddy goes and lays down with her to comfort her.  He usually ends up falling asleep next to her and if he wakes up before dawn, goes back to his room and finishes the night.  Charlotte has gotten so used to Mommy or Daddy sleeping with her in the hospital room since there is only room for one of us to sleep on the couch/bed.  We can try to break this habit when she spends the majority of her time out of the hospital, not in it.)

So, on with the story…

Charlotte woke up at the crack of dawn and hopped out of bed.  She headed straight towards the family room where Grandma W was falling into her deflating air mattress once again.  She yelled at Grandma, “Wake up Gamma!”

If you look closely, on the far side of this huge room, you can see a little Elske girl napping in her car seat while we try to unpack our things.

She then ran, with Daddy chasing after her to get her pajama bottoms on and her diaper changed, to Mommy’s room where Mommy and baby Molly were both just getting used to a deep sleep for the first time that night.  She proceeded to wake the two of them up and got herself caught for that diaper change.  Poor Mommy and Molly….they had maybe three or four hours last night until CJ came around, but that was still more than the previous nights.

So the five of us were up and at ‘em well before we really felt like it, but like I mentioned, it has been like that all week.  Mommy and I were not terribly excited to get admitted today.  Round three is only 5 days of two chemo drugs but one of them is 1.5x the dose she had been getting and the other is 10x the dose!  There are also eye drops that Charlotte will need to be given every 2 hours the she is awake to prevent conjunctivitis!  So we are concerned about how this next week will go.  So we had hopes that we would be packed and ready to go by this morning but we knew why we weren’t.  We still had a lot of packing to do and a couple of loads of wash to finish so we started at that.  After an hour or so, we saw that we were making a little progress so all of the work continued.  Charlotte felt like helping us by removing things we packed into bags/boxes/suitcases and throwing them around the room.  So it took a considerable amount of time to pick up after her “help”.

We also noticed that, as the morning went on, she was beginning to get a little moody.  We found her pointing out the front window, looking for Mommy’s van.  We finally figured out that she was getting bored with packing at home, and wanted to get going.  She said “hospital” and smiled.  She said “pokes” and didn’t cry.  She mentioned “friends” and when Mommy and I figured out she meant her nurses.  Charlotte was ready to get back to her second home well before Mommy and Daddy were!  But we finished our packing and left Grandma W cleaning up the mess we called a house for the last two weeks.  While driving to Madison, I found myself feeling less and less nervous with each mile that I drove.  And Charlotte was in a swell mood once we got going.

In this picture, you will see a little larger Elske girl napping in the middle of this enormous room while full boxes, suitcases, and bags compliment the large open space areas.

We got to the hospital and Charlotte couldn’t have been more excited!  She was so happy to see the familiar faces that she jumped with joy every time she met someone she knew.  She eagerly hopped on the scale and went down the hall to get her height measured!  She left our sight half a dozen times taking the nurses for a walk down the all-too-familiar halls.  Any time we wondered where she went, we only needed to peek in on the play room and she was there having a grand old time.

We were admitted to a different room, one a little closer to the nurses station.  We thought this could be a little more helpful if Amy ever needed a hand or another set of eyes on either of the kids if she were here alone.  They had even brought in a baby swing for us to use!  But this room was the same size as our previous room and we knew there were two here that were a wee bit bigger.  One of those happened to be right next door and we could hear the sound of the janitorial staff doing their thorough cleaning in it (customary after someone is discharged) so we asked if that one would be available soon.  Sure enough it was and we moved in next door.  I am thrilled with this new room as it has maybe 20 more square feet as the others but we can make it work!!  Even the bathroom is a little bigger!!

Charlotte was such a big girl that she only wanted Mommy with her while the nurses accessed her port.  This has always been a two parent job and even then it is tough.  But she went in the procedure room eagerly and was recovered and done crying in the shortest time yet!  She was happy to go down for a nap shortly after that and I continued to move our stuff in from the fully loaded van.  Every minute we were there seemed like home and we knew we had made the right decision to come back when we did.  Charlotte had a great nap and her chemo started before she even woke up.

Grandma W finally returned to us after she had scrubbed our nasty house clean (thanks Grandma!!) and we had a nice dinner in the room.  Charlotte had a great appetite and was ready to do more walking!  So Grandma took her out for a stroll while Mommy and I finished our unpacking and arranging.  We love the new room.  It has enough space for the baby swing and pack and play and lots of Charlotte’s toys.

You will see how "form meets function" in this new line of contemporary closet/pantry/storage cabinets.

Charlotte also took her eye drops pretty well (better than we thought she would) and recovered fully as soon as the nurse left her alone.  We started our bedtime routine about 8:30 and it took until after 10 to get Charlotte to sleep.  But we warned her that if she was not sleeping by 10, the nurse would have to come in for another set of eyedrops.  Shortly after 10, she was still struggling with sleeping and she agreed with Mommy that we should call the nurse in.  She was even saying “eyedrops” to her when she arrived and sat there nicely for her to administer them.  Mommy and I did not expect that to go so smoothly at all!!!  She had already improved vastly in just three eyedrop attempts through the evening!  She slept peacefully through a needy and loudly crying Molly into the midnight hour as well.

We don’t think we could have asked for this day to go this well.  Charlotte is truly back in a surrounding that she feels very comfortable in.  Even though she has been through some tough times here, the nurses and doctors are great at making our lives as livable as can be.  It is still another day in our current lives, so that means there are more damn tears coming from this guy.  But tonight’s tears aren’t like the last

time’s.  Tonight I feel there is a little hope in how this may turn out.  We didn’t get any new pieces of information that changes any of Charlotte’s prognosis numbers.  We didn’t get any positive or negative test results that clear up her situation or treatment path a bit.  But tonight I have my girls.  All of them in this “roomier” room.  And together we can either take this thing in stride or we can sit and bitch about it.  Not that I haven’t done more than my share of the latter on this website recently, but Charlotte apparently prefers to keep things moving.  Somehow she knew she needed to be here today and she was more ready for it than we were.  And I am going to take that as another good sign.

Thanks to all of you for continuing to stick with us.  I hope tomorrow brings us more good news, or at least more good times.

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7 responses to “November 26th, 2010-Admitted for round three of chemo.

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  1. So glad Charlotte is comfortable back in AFCH. It means she’s adapted well to getting more treatment, and hopefully all this will come to a soon end. Love you all four, and praying for this to end soon. G’ma and G’pa E

  2. Charlotte is an inspiration to all of us.She seems to know what is best for all. Lets keep moving to get this done. Love to all. Aunt Mary

  3. Nice room, thanks for sharing pictures of it. Thanks too for continuing to post. You are all so wonderful!

  4. It’s inspiring to see how well Charlotte is doing, both physically and emotionally. God obviously has a plan, even though it’s often difficult for us “adults” to accept it and to just ‘go with it’ without knowing all the details. Who knows, maybe all that Charlotte is going through is a sign that you have a budding little doctor in your family!!
    Prayers & blessings for all the Elske family.

  5. The little people in our lives surprise us everyday don’t they? They are so full of life and energy. Charlotte is such a fighter, such a big girl. She’s doing so great through all of this. I’m so glad to see you in a bigger room this time around. Hopefully that will make your stay a bit more comfortable. Wishing you a “family nap” today. Sounds like you could all use some more sleep. Sending our love from Sun Prairie. 🙂

  6. Wow! Charlotte is such an amazing little girl! I’m so glad she deals with things SO well! You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. Oh those darn tears! Lon, you are a budding writer! No one could write Charlottes life story as you are doing. Someday when she is older and she can read this, perhaps before marrying that special guy or when she has a little one, she will know what wonderful parents and grandparents she has. God bless and keep up the posts. Remember to tell everyone about “Charlotte’s Web of Hope Benefit” on December 4th at the Clyman Lions Hall!!

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean

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