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Amy spent Saturday night in the hospital and I went back home to be with Charlotte.  As expected, it was a pretty restless night for the two in the hospital.  Molly didn’t keep Amy awake as often as the nurses, newspaper delivery person and morning rounds doctor (5:30am!) all did.  So when I called her Sunday morning to see how she was doing, she just responded tired.  I left Charlotte (who woke up a few times as well-I just ended up sleeping with her in her big girl bed since she was up most of the night anyway) with G&G Wags and went to see Amy and Molly.

When I arrived at the hospital, Amy just mentioned that we would be going home today.  She had seen her and Charlotte’s doctor and she was pleased with how we were all doing so she said there was no need to stay until Monday.  Plus, Dr. Diamond felt it would be easier to have Molly’s blood drawn for the HLA typing at UW Hospital rather than arranging it with St. Marys, so this was another push for us to leave.  Molly will now have her blood drawn on Tuesday while Charlotte has her bone marrow biopsy.  We left for Columbus after my Vikings were crushed by the local Division III prep team this afternoon (aka Packers for you non-football watchers).  Good thing I got to watch the debacle on St Mary’s top of the line 19″CRT tv complete with VCR.  Talk about dated digs.  I really would have never thought I would have missed AFCH, but everything else now seems to pale in comparison.

Getting back to Saturday evening and Charlotte’s first visit to meet Molly.  G&G Elske showed up early in the afternoon to meet Molly.  Then G&G Wags came later in the afternoon and they brought Charlotte with them.  I met them down in the lobby and Charlotte saw me and started running down the lengthy hall into my arms.  Talk about a heart melting moment!  I took them back to Amy’s room and Charlotte immediately jumped towards the bed wanting to be up with Mommy and Molly.  Within seconds she was demanding to hold her and and we couldn’t pass that up!  She was a great big sister.  She was careful holding Molly, and so gentle while touching her “little baby nose”  and “tiny baby mouth”.  She was really happy to be with her and Mommy again.  She would alternate saying “missed you” to Mommy and “she likes me” about Molly.  We couldn’t have asked her to respond any sweeter.

And this reaction was the same one we received when we arrived home tonight.  Charlotte met Mommy and Molly at the door and again demanded to hold Molly before Mommy could even put the car seat down.  And her love for Molly grew even more when Molly gave Charlotte a gift of a toy microwave.  Charlotte was thrilled!!!  She was so patient all night long when Mommy needed to feed Molly (of course it helped to have Daddy and the grandparents doting on her).  But as soon as Molly was finished eating, Charlotte made sure that Daddy took her so that she could have a a turn cuddling on Mommy’s nap.

We are excited for our first official day at home tomorrow as a family of four, but we’ll be spoiled for awhile as G’ma Wags will be with us for the next 2 weeks.  We are hoping for a quiet day tomorrow and a return to our “slow news days” once again.



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  1. I have tears of joy as I read this. We are so happy for all of you to be home as a family for a little while. The photos are so sweet, Charlotte’s smiles tell it all. She will be a great “big sister” to Molly. Love to you all..
    Gramma E.

  2. Ditto to what Gma said…I am just beaming with smiles reading this post! Charlotte looks so happy and proud to be a big sister. What a great homecoming! Looking forward to seeing you all soon. 🙂

  3. Welcome Baby Molly. She is beautiful. I read your blog everyday and pray but I was away from a computer this weekend. What fun to read your blog this morning! I cry most mornings…for your love of Charlotte…for your bravery…today they are tears of joy. Congratulations! Enjoy your first day at home.

  4. Smiles and tears of happiness! Thanks for all the wonderful pictures of the new family member, grandparents, Charlotte and you two. Sending love & snuggles to Molly & Charlotte from Nebraska

  5. I really shouldn’t read these posts at work as if anyone saw me, they wouldn’t understand what the tears are for without an explanation. 🙂 I can tell just by looking at the pictures that Charlotte is already making an EXCELLENT big sister!

  6. Congratulations on Molly! She is beautiful. I join the others with tears of joy running down my cheeks. The pictures are worth a million words, I can tell how proud you all are. Charlotte has taken on her role of big sister so easily and you can tell loving every moment of it. Enjoy your time at home and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. Prayers continue for good news on Tuesday and every day.

    Joan and Bob Sennhenn

  7. They are both so very cute together. Being a big sister is tons of fun! It looks like Charlotte took to it right away, and it helped that Molly had such great gift giving skills!

  8. Once again…love, love, love your pics! Congrats all around!!

  9. Perfection!

  10. Ditto to all of the above! Keep the news coming. I can’t go to bed without checking in with you. Love to all!

    Steven & Terry Licitar
  11. Glad you made it home. Hopefully, you can get more rest and Charlotte and Molly will become best of friends! Enjoy each day as you can.

    Aunt Mary

  12. Wow, talk about a lot going on. You guys are just amazing! Not only is Charlotte a super girl, but mom and dad are just fantastic in so many ways! Kudos to all (including the G&Gs!). You are all an inspiration. 🙂

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