November 17th, 2010   5 comments

Sorry for the late post.  Wed was another slow news day for the Elske family.  Daddy was finishing up work before the baby arrives and Charlotte was busy tiring Mommy out again all day.  We still have some packing and last minute arranging to do in the nursery before number 2 gets here let’s hope!

Nothing new to report.  Charlotte is still full of energy and loves to just play and be chased all day!  Thursday late afternoon is her blood draw and CBC labs.  We probably won’t find out any results until Friday, but we are not expecting anything serious to come out of the tests.

Tune in for more information when we get more information!

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5 responses to “November 17th, 2010

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  1. I’m really starting to love these short and sweet blog posts… so glad to hear that Charlotte is doing well and happy at home! I can’t wait to hear about the new baby, hopefully soon! 🙂 Happy early Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  2. These short posts are great! Keeping you in our prayers and anxiously awaiting the new arrival. 🙂

  3. FYI: the NESCO office pool has Elske Baby #2 being a male (60%) and we’ve got a solid guess for birth date until the 26th… not that we’re a gambling group. Or that we’re impatient 🙂

  4. Ditto all of the above, and love the NESCO office pool odds! Happy you are all home and so busy keeping up with Charlotte’s energy!

  5. HI – yes, love the odds but we will be happy for a beautiful little girl too! Two of a kind ain’t bad! Hope Charlotte keeps up that spunk – that’s a sign that she is going to beat this! Our love……

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean

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