November 12th, 2010   1 comment

Charlotte had a busy day yesterday.  She slept great in her big girl bed most of the night by herself and woke up very happy.  She had an appointment at the clinic at 10am to draw blood and make sure her numbers were going up.  Mommy and Charlotte met Daddy at the clinic and were out the door within half an hour.  They inserted her port needle, drew blood, and took the needle out and we were all done!  We would get a call later with the results.  They also gave us a book and a huge binder that discusses the bone marrow/stem cell transplant process and all of the risks associated with it.  So Mommy read a little of it and we decided we weren’t ready to think about all of that yet.  Too much information to think about while Charlotte was still doing so well at home.

They called back later in the afternoon and gave us the CBC results.  Charlotte had been busy making cells again!  Her ANC was over 900 (we were just hoping for 500), white blood count was 5.1, hemoglobin was over 10, and platelets were like 460k…so she is really doing very well rebuilding her cell counts.  We can now discontinue one of the oral medicines they gave us to go home with.  We will have one more appointment next week to make sure she is still doing well, and then schedule a bone marrow biopsy for the week of Thanksiving.  We are praying for good results from that.

We also had fun last night making Skype video calls to Charlotte’s cousins in Jackson and in Nebraska.  It was a pretty fun time and Charlotte liked it…for the few minutes she could give it her attention.  We will have to do it again soon!

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  1. What a great idea to use Skype to call family members–especially with the web cam so you can see who you are talking to! Have a wonderful weekend!

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