November 11th, 2010   3 comments

Last night was a great night just being home together.  Charlotte was once again so excited to be home, it was close to 10pm before we could really get her to settle down for the night.  And although she told us on the way home from the hospital that she did not want to sleep in her big girl room and bed, she squealed with excitement all over again when she saw the room in person.  She slept the whole night through until 6am when Mommy climbed into bed with her for another 2 hours.  We are very impressed with her.  After sleeping in the same room with Mommy and Daddy for 3 weeks (and with Mommy in the same bed), we really thought she was going to wake up for us in the middle of the night.

Mommy and Charlotte spent a lazy morning in their jammies just enjoying being home.  Eventually they went outside and spent an hour walking around the neighborhood. Charlotte was so full of life and inquisitive with every step that was taken.  Charlotte got tired just a minute from home so Mommy was able to successfully carry her home.  After a long picnic lunch (set in the living room) Mommy was finally able to convince Charlotte to stop playing to take a nap.  The night was extremely uneventful with more playing and a long bath.  It’s always nice to let Charlotte play in deeper water and with no worries of her tubies or port getting wet.

We go back to the hospital tomorrow morning to have blood work taken.  They are specifically looking to see if Charlotte is still neutropenic (500 neutrophils or less).  If she is above 500, we can stop taking one of the three medications she is currently taking by mouth at home.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed tonight.

We have received many inquiries as to when the new Baby Elske is due.  The official due date is November 24th, but Amy’s doctor is agreeable to discussing induction after November 17th to coordinate better with Charlotte’s next bone marrow biopsy and next admission.  That date has not been selected yet…..and we’ll probably keep it a bit of a secret anyway.  Gotta keep the fun surprises in life going!!!

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  1. Good surprises….they are always the best kind! Baby Elske is going to be so welcome, from near and far. Across the street there is always someone to help with walks around the block (or playing in the yard). Love to you all! So good to see the lights on!

  2. What a wonderful post! Love hearing that you are just enjoying being home, pjs and all! Sending up prayers for numbers over 500 tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Happy times at the Elske house! Hope that home time has many positive memories for you all 🙂

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