November 10th, 2010-going home again!   11 comments

We arrived here exactly three weeks ago to start round two of chemotherapy, and today we will be going home!  Her neutrophils went up to 272 today and the magic number was anything over 200.  She continued to make platelets and her other counts were either stable or increasing.  Her final nasal swab test also came back negative today so we were allowed to come out of the room!!

We met with a very smiley Dr Diamond this morning who talked with us about how she thinks round two went and how the next rounds will go.  We made plans to come into the clinic a couple of times over the next week for updated blood counts and will schedule another bone marrow biopsy about two weeks from now.  Hopefully the new baby Elske will be born and we will have a little time to enjoy him or her before we start round three which is scheduled sometime during the week of November 29th.  So if all goes well, we could have two-three weeks at home and be home for Thanksgiving before coming back to the hospital!

We are still nervous about the 2nd biopsy results and are anxious to see if the new baby is a match.  If the baby is not a match, they may start to search for a matched bone marrow donor as that sounds like the option the doctors are supporting after round three.  So Amy and I would again like to encourage all of you to consider becoming blood and bone marrow donors if you are not already.  The chances of you being able to help Charlotte out directly are very slim, but you could possibly be a match for someone else’s Charlotte somewhere around the world.  And wouldn’t that be great if you could help out another family going through the same thing that we are?  Did you know that you can also donate cord blood at no cost?

Who needs a lake house? This is our expensive second home!

Learn more about the Nation Marrow Donor Program here:


So today was spent mostly packing things up and getting ready to leave the hospital behind.  Of the last 62 days, we have spent 50 of them in the hospital and have gotten quite used to life there.  It felt a little different coming back today, but we are glad to be home.  I am sure that with every passing hour, home will begin to feel like home again…until the new baby comes.  Then we will really see what life is like in that room with four of us!


Thank you all for taking the time to read Charlotte’s story.  We would very much appreciate you continuing to mention us in your prayers.



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11 responses to “November 10th, 2010-going home again!

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  1. How wonderful to hear that you are home again and will be able to celebrate Thanksgiving out of the hospital. Oh how much you will be thankful for. We will continue to keep little Charlotte and you in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love, Ma Kaland

  2. Glad you’re back home. I hope you get some rest, relaxation and a return to normalcy before the little one comes. I love the lake house comment!

  3. We sure enjoy our visits to the “lake house” but we’re so glad you’re HOME tonight! May you sleep well in your comfy, warm beds. Welcome home! 🙂

  4. Nothing but tears of joy for Charlotte going home – enjoy Sturges Street! Come on baby Elske!!

  5. Welcome home Charlotte. Enjoy your “big girl room” and all of the house to explore and play in. Oh so much space!!!!!

    Grandma and Grandpa Wags
  6. Yea!!! So happy that all the results came back negative and you are HOME!

  7. I’m so glad you all get to go home now. I will be reading your blog each day but won’t have time to write I have my hands full with Joe right now. He is in the hospital to.
    God Bless and enjoy everything you have.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  8. Lake homes are wonderful – “but there’s no place like home” as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said. Welcome home Charlotte! May you enjoy your new big girl room and get to meet and love that new baby brother or sister. The three and almost 4 of you are always in our prayers! Much love to you.

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  9. When is the baby due?

  10. So happy about the good news. She’s quite a girl and you are wonderful parents. Thank you for keeping us in the loop. We think of you often and send our prayers and good thoughts.

    Don & Marilyn Wagner
  11. Happy to hear that you got to come home! after reading tonight i went and did the online registration for the bone marrow registry!! just for charlotte!!!

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