November 9th, 2010   5 comments

Charlotte had a pretty decent night of sleep.  We don’t think she woke up for vitals even once!  She continues to be fever free and is enjoying her free-from-tubie time more and more!  She is now only hooked up for one antibiotic three times a day as all other meds have been stopped or changed to oral.  So hopefully when we do go home she can leave the IV and tubies here.  Her CBC count came in this morning with the neutrophils dropping just a little bit, so we didn’t go home today.  Her other numbers are still looking good or climbing though!  Her platelets are now at a level that could be considered normal so all of this is good news.

The bad news is that the remaining test results from her nasal swab still did not come in.  Amy had the doctor call the labs and they said the results would not be ready until Wed am so Charlotte spent the day in her room again.  This is really a bummer as she seems to be feeling great and we could really use just the hallways to have her walk around in…but not today.  Unless her test results come back with bad signs, tomorrow she should be free again.

The nursing assistant found a trampoline that the PT uses and brought it into our room to get some wiggles out.  Charlotte seems to enjoy it, but Mommy and I just worry about her when she jumps so we are always standing there holding her hands and she doesn’t find that nearly as entertaining for some reason!

We hope that tomorrow finds us packing up our things to head home or at least walking the halls like normal.  As you can read in our previous posts, the hallways are not nearly as spacious or lengthy as we would really like, but they are better than spending 4 days in her room bouncing off the walls!  Try telling your active two year old he or she can’t leave his or her room for four days and see how many hairs you have left on your head!

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  1. Our prayes are with you that Charlotte will be able to get home soon.
    Love Julie

  2. It’s so good to hear that Charlotte’s demeanor continues to be one of “bouncing off the walls!” Although it’s hard to take the confinement, the desire to “get out & get going” is sooooooo positive. I see a flashlight in the first picture…have you had any shadow puppet shows?

  3. The determination in that little girl is inspiring. Keep on truckin’ Mom & Dad, cuz that little ball of fire isn’t going to let you rest very long.

  4. Hoping for good results this morning so you all can get out of the room to get the wiggles out!! Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

  5. So that explains Lon’s lack of hair!

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