November 8th, 2010   7 comments

Today was a pretty good news day.  Doctors say that Charlotte has been busy over the last couple of days-busy making new blood cells!  Her platelet, hemoglobin and neutrophil counts continued to climb today.  So much so that today there was talk about going home soon by the doctors.  Unfortunately we didn’t get all of her test results back today so Charlotte was still stuck in her room all day!  But the test results we did get back show no infections or other signs of worry, so that is good news.  She has felt good since Friday night, no fevers, blood pressure down, she is breathing good, regular heart rate…and her attitude and energy level is back to normal 2 year old range.  Stuck in our little room, she is tiring Mommy out quickly as she has lots and lots of energy and no way to let it out.

The doctors are stopping one or two of her several antibiotics today so at least Charlotte is starting to become a little more tubie free in her own room.  They are also starting to transfer her to oral meds in case they send us home tomorrow or Wed.  Charlotte won’t be getting any extra IV fluids tonight either so that is another possibility that we may be heading home sooner rather than later.  We are looking forward to coming home, but want to make sure that it is the right time for Charlotte.  And we don’t want to see any ER visits this time.  Coming home will mean more trips to the hospital in the next week or two as they do more blood testing and another bone marrow biopsy to track the effectiveness of the last round of chemotherapy.  Once that is determined, then they will start discussing when we would come back for chemo-round three.  Hopefully we will have a little time at home with the new baby when he or she comes and not have to rush back.  But Mommy and I need to remember that we may not be on the holiday schedule this year, or even the new baby’s schedule for very long.  Right now we need to follow the doctor’s schedule so we can continue to keep Charlotte’s leukemia down with more treatment.  That would make for a good holiday season.

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  1. What great news! Here’s hoping you all get to go home within the next few days!

  2. Wow, Charlotte’s tiny body is like “The Little Engine That Could”, so strong and determined! Awesome news about no signs of infection and getting to go home soon. So happy for you guys! Keep up the great work mommy & daddy. 🙂

  3. Great news hope you all can go home and enjoy Thanksgiving. Each day bring more joy to all.

    Joe & Sue Kaminski
  4. So nice to wake up to read the terrific news! Charlotte, being home for the holidays with a new baby sister or brother – awesome! Love to all of you….

    Auntie Sharon & Uncle Dean
  5. Oh, Happy Day 🙂

  6. Yeah, for all the good news! And it’s great to hear you may be able to head home again, soon (and a little normalcy). I know it’s very tiring for Mommy and Daddy (and everyone) to keep Miss Charlotte entertained, but it really makes us feel good to hear she continues to have so much energy. Lots of love to all of you.
    Aunt Cyndee & Uncel Earl

  7. So happy to hear that Charlotte is feeling well and the tests are coming back with good results. That’s wonderful that you’ll probably be able to go home soon. Hang in there Mommy! I can’t imagine trying to contain a 2-year-old in a small hospital room :(.

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